Sunday, January 25, 2015

New rule

"New's a new rule."

When ever I hear this I think of an old semi-boss type I use to work with. I cannot really remember his name at the moment. He was a former major or captain in the Bolivian army who fled the country after one of the many political upheavals there. If you don't believe me check it. He did not have much of a sense of humor. Whenever one of us did something he did not like he'd say "New rule, there's a new rule you cannot do (this thing I don't like) anymore." To which I would reply "Where does it say that in the company's policy?" He really did not like me.

My point is I figured out a 'new rule' for my promise card "Reduce clutter get rid of shit" One thing I like to get is tshirts. I see one and before I know it I've bought it and it hangs in the closet. My latest purge of clothing had me get rid of 10-15 shirts I hardly wear. So the thought goes that for every shirt I buy I get rid of two. That's culling the herd!

If you get a shirt in the mail it's from one of my purges and I bought a new tshirt.

I went to the climbing gym this past Friday to do some bouldering. There is a place "closeish" to me called Ascension it's roughly 50 minutes away because I have to drive down a bunch of two lane roads to get over to PTC. Let me say even when I was at the height of my climbing in Colorado a long time ago I was at best average. On a really good day I could pull off a 5.9 or a low 5.10. Now not so much I'm lucky to do 5.8. I'm way out of shape to say the least. I don't need a bunch of people around and honestly enjoy bouldering and fooling around with footwork.

One general thing I have about driving to someplace to be active is do that activity for long as you are going to drive. It's about two hours drive time over and back to the climbing gym so I spend that much time there. Same for going over to my local trails it takes me around 90 minutes to drive there and back so I ride typically for AT LEAST 90 minutes. Get my drift?

I'm still very much out of shape. I did a lot of foot work and practiced keeping my hips closer to the wall. I even went and worked on a bouldering problem for a bit up stairs. It's a neat small climbing gym not crowded like others in the state. You can get a route or an area to yourself and not worry about someone climbing over you.

Other news I finally got a day pinned down for Tour de Pike. This is an annual ride (not race) is one of those things I've been meaning to do since I found about it awhile back. I'm going to do the 33 mile option it seems reasonable enough. It's quite literally in my back yard there is no reason now NOT to do it.

I'll wrap up here and get back to my biology lab notes. Thanks for reading.

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