Monday, October 19, 2015

Onward thru October

Alrighty I finally succumbed to the pressures of social media and have an instagram account just look up and to the right for the clickie badge.

Hopefully that makes all 4 of you happy. As my fave month press on towards the most awesome holiday ever (that being Halloween) I have had the chance to go on a local ghost tour with a woman who also finds this up coming holiday just as interesting. Unknowingly the "medium" who was guiding said tour doomed me.

"Oh..." This medium says as we are standing in a local cemetery on this tour.  "...there is a little old lady standing next to you, she says you have a kind soul." This tour guide/ medium turns towards my date and asks "Is he a kind man?" This being our second date she says "As far as I know, yes." This tour guide/medium goes on to say that the little old lady ghost that is standing next to me says there is a "goal out there for me to achieve you just don't need to be afraid to achieve it."

I go on these tours to hear the history, dig the creepy vibe and if I'm lucky spend some time with a attractive woman who is of the same mind. Not to be cold read by a "medium" I'm a skeptic of such things. In the past on other such tours I have been told the same thing. that I have a "kind soul"

Unknowingly this tour guide/medium doomed my second date to end with a fizzle so to speak.  Damn her "kind soul" comment.

My date looked fantastic, was great company and smelled awesome...I just wish the guide said something like "Why are so many ghosts following you around?" Just saying it would have worked out in my favor a little more.

Sigh so it goes in my dating life.

On to bitchin' fantastic news:

It only took a tad over 6 years. I finally got my hands on my fave seasonal beer Isolation Ale. Odell brewery does not distribute east of Mississippi so since leaving Colorado I have been sad not to have this beer. An old work friend who was doing contract nursing work up in Wyoming was headed back to Georgia and made a stop or two in Colorado. He remembered how I have lovingly mentioned this beer (and my occasional text asking him to do me a righteous solid by getting me some of this fine brew) I have swilled some of this beer. I confess it is as good as I remember it.

As for riding I have been getting out most every Thursday to ride for the last few weeks. I have been riding the good old Kona single speed (R.S.S.S.) Rigid Steel Single Speed. It's been great fun. I went by Mom's and got the Karate Monkey for some more MTB fun later on.

Well time is short and I have school projects to get to. Thanks for reading.