Sunday, April 13, 2014

Women of yesteryear and the present in BMX/Freestyle.

Of course we had the amazing Cheri Elliott back when I was growing up:

She is fast, way cute and could ride much better than me. Let's face it though she raced in the ABA mostly and was primarily on the left coast. None of it was bad it's just the issues of BMX Action and BMX Plus were very few and far between.

Now in these here modern times we have Lea Dobrowski who is straight out of any BMX/Freestylers dreams:

Wow just sayin'....

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Headed to the left coast

One trip is planned. I got some travel nurse friends who are spending the summer in Northern California. I got my ticket booked this morning and will be splitting sometime in late Juneish. Here is a small hint of where I'll be and one place I've always wanted to visit:


Thursday, April 3, 2014

The beard will return.

I wanted to include this image of badassness and a beard to y'all to let you know that the reign of the razor (for nursing school) will soon be over. I already got it marked on my calender the last day I'll shave will be on 4/16. Then I'll let it grow until Mid-August. I only shave once a week now but man it SUCKS! I reckon that's about 4 months of no razor until school starts back.

I'll start my full time hours for summer break right after my birthday (I'll be 44, like the magnum hand gun!) and that'll go until mid-august as with week long breaks to enjoy life riding or hiking someplace. I have had two nights of 3 hours of sleep because simply I am damn excited about a break coming up in a few weeks. I have one trip planned to go see some old work friends out in northern California. And once Mayday comes back from her tour in Asia I'll try like hell to get up to DC. This all crammed in with staying ahead of reading for my second semester of nursing school.

I got another full day ahead of me all related to nursing school. I like the busyness of it now, it's something I have looked forward to all semester. Alrighty I gotta bail, take care everyone. Thanks!