Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Book Face

I have been asked again recently why I don't do face book. Could it be all the unnecessary slap fights? The silly postings and lame excuses "I just keep it to talk to friends/family across the country." Funny thing is that I keep up with friends all over the planet without the benefit of social networking and oh my it's not that difficult.

Full disclosure here. I did do myspace years and years ago but after awhile the cons definitely outweighed the pros. I just got tired of it and the encompassing drama that surrounded it. When bookface came around and people started to jump on that particular bandwagon I decided to avoid that particular social phenomenon. Sure I miss out on the occasional "neat" thing but really it's worth the price to NOT have the horse shit that surrounds it.

That's just me though. Perhaps I listened to "Data Control" by Husker Du too much as a kid:

A nine digit number
For every living soul
That is all they talk about
At Data Control
They know everything about you
Keeping secrets is too hard
Your life is all recorded for you
In holes punched in computer cards
Data Control (digital readout)
Data Control (perforated feedout)
Data Control (microfilm files)
Data Control (1984 style)
A multinational corporation
A stockholder's dream
A nightmare of diversity
A defense system so supreme
Too technical to talk about
Too complex for layman's brains
It's enough to make you paranoid
Or drive you crazy losers sane

Alright I'll step off my soap box. I got too much shit to do.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Damn cold

Youngest nephew sneezes and coughs into his hand and touches everything within reach AND it appears to me that he hardly ever washes his hands. With that said I will blame him because I caught his cold. Plus I am stressed so my immune system is not really working up to par either. Until my immune system really cranks up I am dealing with congestion and a scratchy throat that makes me cough. It's a low level misery that we are all familiar with in our lives.

The stress is from school. I won't go into details but A&P could be going better.

I keep telling myself every day that I am going to get onto the trainer tomorrow and ride for half an hour.

But I don't.

My job is school now and when I get home in the evening all I want to do is just eat, shower and sleep. I'm at school five days a week with class on three of those days. The other two I am in the library because it's a fairly quite space and it's got wifi which I need for my Microbiology class to watch videos and do homework on.

I'll keep trying to get on the trainer or run get some consistency a regular routine, it's tough in these situations.

That's all I got for the moment. Thanks for reading.