Friday, May 17, 2013

What it's like talking to my Mom.

Big Sis and I try, we honestly try with her, in the end when I talk to her for HOURS about her present state and her future I end up at this point.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ok...ok..another watch

Alright I'm obsessing about a goddamn watch. I KNOW I have no money for one and the best I could probably afford is another cheap timex for work. I remember my old G-shock fondly. I bought it for dirt cheap when I worked stock at Macy's in the early 90's in Phoenix, Az. When I ended up in Guam (long story those of you who know me IRL know the tale) my then girlfriend "borrowed" the watch for her dive job.

It was a bit big for her arm like the face of it at least and the band fit her on the absolute last or next to last notch. But damned if she did not look sexy with that watch on. Still to this day if a woman is wearing a watch a bit too big for her arm and it's cinched up to the last notch on her arm, I find that woman the most attractive in the room. Strange thing I know. It was a fantastic watch, it survived a ton of dives between the both of us. It was also the source of several exchanges of witty banter between she and I. This old gshock in many ways was like our shared relationship jewelry. Eventually this girlfriend and I broke up and I made it a point to keep the watch.

The watch followed me state side and survived many many years until the battery died. Now this is about 10 plus years into the watch's life. I then had the battery replaced then a few years later the battery died again. I had the battery replaced again and unfortunately I lost the watch in the back country on a MTB ride. I was very sad over this turn of events, The watch had logged thousands of miles and had hundreds of dives logged with it. It had went all over the pacific rim and western united states.

So that in short is why I'm so on it about an oversized watch. Yeah they are manly but looking at that watch not only gives me the time and other important info BUT also brings back fond memories. In the end on some nights that's all you got.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Productive...meh productive.

Those of you who don't know down time is tough for me. Yeah I dream of days when I got nothing to do but in the end I start to go a little nutty and start getting into trouble in various and often creative ways. This week I worked with BIL (brother in law) to cut down a massive tree beside the house at my sisters place. This was total and real man's work....YARRRGH!

Yeah man work at one time we had two gas powered chainsaws going. Then when that was done and we rolled what was left of the tree off the drive way we knocked concrete off of steel posts and carried them up from the creek to the end of the drive way. Yesterday was one of recovery and trying to get ahead of the work load coming up for the fall semester of college. Today was more man work; I busted more concrete off of a couple more steel posts then threw the remnants into the creek.  Was that good enough for me?


I then decided that well the crotch of the tree we cut down was never gonna be split up by younger nephew. Kudos to him he has split 90% of what we cut down although not into small burnable pieces that we can sell or get rid of but hey I’ll split it later when we get a maul. The tree we cut down is red oak and brother let me tell you its goddamned heavy. The crotch of the tree is where the top of the tree split off into three different directions. That being the case everything around this section got chopped off. This left us with an ungainly unsightly heavy ass fucking hunk of angry wood.  That honestly I was not gonna even work on either. I had other plans for that thing. 

I thought it would be a good idea to take it down the trail where the creek is and leave it there for a couple of reasons. One is that is makes for a nice back stop to shoot at and secondly whenever I start to train it will be great to flip end over end 10 times for a set of 4-5 times. I was gonna thrown some strapping around it and drag it down there but decided not to cause it would tear up the yard. It’s too heavy to carry the son of a bitch and we ain’t got a wheel barrow. I flipped it end over end to get it down there and it was neither fun nor easy.  For now I will call this hunk of wood the “Dirty Name” It reminds me of a middle finger in some ways. It was rewarding to get it down there, after some lunch and recovery I may go down there with some targets and shoot Pop’s .22 for a bit.
Don’t worry I’ll study some over the summer; I am just loving the warm weather we got finally here in Georgia. I plan on starting my 5k program again soon and do my horrendous power program on the trainer for cycling, both are 8 weeks long.  I plan on hitting the MTB and Road bike miles before the end of the summer. 

Last night was spent looking at some really neat gadgets and man type things. Feels like I am WAY over compensating since nursing school is becoming more and more of a reality. Har…har …har…

Thanks for reading.

Post Script:
I know my birthday has come and gone but if you like you can get me a desperately needed watch for not only my nursing pursuits but for just all around bad assness

That friends and dear readers is the Sunnto black on black core watch and to answer the unasked question, yes I am compensating.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The phone

*Spoken in the voice of a young child*
I bought my first smartie phone ever about 2 1/2 years ago. I've really liked my smartie phone. Now it makes me MAD. It crashes it shuts down. I send two texts and the battery dives to 5%. Bad phone baaadddd.

*Now in normal voice*

I should not complain. The phone has done me well over the last couple of years. I've been happy with it but it's time for the phone to go away it's had a fine life. There is a new phone coming iut I'd like to have but it's gonna cost me.I'm due for an upgrade according to my carrier. Here's the thing, I'm broke. Really I am every nickel is nearly accounted for. Plus I got extra expenses this summer, which are buying a study guide for school and taking a short (and damn expensive) class in June, well expensive for me at least. I have the option of working more, I have picked up shifts to four a month now. I'll keep it brief about work, I'd rather not. There are a ton of probs there now on top of the usual stressors. The less I'm there the less it affects me. That simple.

I'm also gonna need a new laptop soon but again that WHOLE money thing. I know I should just wait for loans to come through in the fall but I won't see that money until mid-september. I should just shut my damn mouth and just work a couple of extra shifts. Adult decisions suck!

After nearly a week of being unproductive and sleeping in and reading nothing but over glorified military fiction (brain candy) I decided to be a productive member of society. I did some yard work at my sisters place and some house work in the room. I have been itching to vacuum up here for weeks finally got to it today..eerr...yesterday. Now I gotta go do more of the same at mom's place next week, perhaps friday.

I do wanna get out and start running again. I would like to start back on my Zombie's 5k again and I have time this summer.I made it through 5 weeks and was running 5k by then. It's that whole getting up early thing, that puts a crimp into things. I just need to set my mind to it and start, like the study thing.

This weekend is gonna be a challenge, I have to work today and naturally my stupid sleep cycle is all screwed up so I got 2 hours of sleep. I've been reading for the last few hours and futzing around on the interwebs. Tonight after work will be a party for the Rifles because one of them graduated medical school. Big deal...seriously it's a big deal and I think it'll be good to meet some of the first years and get off to a good start with them, I hope so at least. Then I'm gonna spend the night on the ex-girlfriends couch and jam on down to Mom's place to pick her up so she can spend mothers day down at big sis's place. It's a combo of birthdays and mother's day. Big sis likes having get togethers, no fault in that at all especially since school is not a factor now.

I gotta get my shit together for work so I'm gonna bail. Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


This is how my nearly 18 year old nephew says it in a nearly child like tone. It's only a birthday and 18 a big one at that but let's remember a few things:

1. I was born first. It's been MY birthday for far longer than yours. Please stop saying it's your birthday, it's stupid.

2.BirthDAYS are not week long reminders of that it's going to be your birthday soon, believe me we are all very keenly aware and are reminded often that your birthday is in May.

3. Rarely are birthDAYS week long celebrations of having gifts showered upon you or special considerations given. Please stop saying its your birthday for the two weeks leading up to the actual DAY.

4. MY birthday comes FIRST. On the calender you were born a few days (and many many years) after me so SHUT UP!

5. I do not ask for nor do I expect anything for my birthday usually. Especially non-landmark "tweener" birthdays. usually I TRY to let the day pass with as little fuss as possible. When I reach 45 I do expect booze and strippers (seriously I do) and to shoot a .45 hand gun. I also would like any other debauchery I can imagine in my sick mind that would involve various states of undress, altered levels of consciousness due to high levels of intoxicants ingested, women of questionable morals and being outside. I have 2 years to think on it but I'd like for THAT birthday to be just this side of awesome. I'd like more of the same at 50 if I make it. Or maybe I would like to be by myself out on the trail in some remote location in the US and then have the debauchery afterwards.

6. I have a long list of things I would like and actually dream over (new cell phone, new laptop, sunnto watch, being in good shape, Ariane St. Amour or Gina Carano) . Recently I ran across this:


I've said it before and say it again emphatically. Don't it make your dick bust concrete? It's the mercedes benz unimog. It's a fucking monster.

7.Really most of all I just want peace and quiet today. After working hard all semester that's what I want most of all. Will I get it? For most of the day I will at least.I probably should have went camping but the last several days have been rather rainy not good camping weather.

8.I do it admit it would be nice to have a friend call me up and treat me to a few beers at a bar and just enjoy some comradeship but meh...most of my friends in Georgia have either quit drinking or moved away. Smart on both counts.

It's a nice day and today on MY BIRTHDAY all I plan to do is sit around and read my book. I may go through my jump bag and reorganize some things perhaps watch an episode of "Justified" on the laptop. So fear not no booze or strippers of any sort of debauchery. Perhaps in a couple of years.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. If you are reading this here then you can guess that I am working on moving my blog to blogger from here .