Saturday, May 11, 2013

The phone

*Spoken in the voice of a young child*
I bought my first smartie phone ever about 2 1/2 years ago. I've really liked my smartie phone. Now it makes me MAD. It crashes it shuts down. I send two texts and the battery dives to 5%. Bad phone baaadddd.

*Now in normal voice*

I should not complain. The phone has done me well over the last couple of years. I've been happy with it but it's time for the phone to go away it's had a fine life. There is a new phone coming iut I'd like to have but it's gonna cost me.I'm due for an upgrade according to my carrier. Here's the thing, I'm broke. Really I am every nickel is nearly accounted for. Plus I got extra expenses this summer, which are buying a study guide for school and taking a short (and damn expensive) class in June, well expensive for me at least. I have the option of working more, I have picked up shifts to four a month now. I'll keep it brief about work, I'd rather not. There are a ton of probs there now on top of the usual stressors. The less I'm there the less it affects me. That simple.

I'm also gonna need a new laptop soon but again that WHOLE money thing. I know I should just wait for loans to come through in the fall but I won't see that money until mid-september. I should just shut my damn mouth and just work a couple of extra shifts. Adult decisions suck!

After nearly a week of being unproductive and sleeping in and reading nothing but over glorified military fiction (brain candy) I decided to be a productive member of society. I did some yard work at my sisters place and some house work in the room. I have been itching to vacuum up here for weeks finally got to it today..eerr...yesterday. Now I gotta go do more of the same at mom's place next week, perhaps friday.

I do wanna get out and start running again. I would like to start back on my Zombie's 5k again and I have time this summer.I made it through 5 weeks and was running 5k by then. It's that whole getting up early thing, that puts a crimp into things. I just need to set my mind to it and start, like the study thing.

This weekend is gonna be a challenge, I have to work today and naturally my stupid sleep cycle is all screwed up so I got 2 hours of sleep. I've been reading for the last few hours and futzing around on the interwebs. Tonight after work will be a party for the Rifles because one of them graduated medical school. Big deal...seriously it's a big deal and I think it'll be good to meet some of the first years and get off to a good start with them, I hope so at least. Then I'm gonna spend the night on the ex-girlfriends couch and jam on down to Mom's place to pick her up so she can spend mothers day down at big sis's place. It's a combo of birthdays and mother's day. Big sis likes having get togethers, no fault in that at all especially since school is not a factor now.

I gotta get my shit together for work so I'm gonna bail. Thanks for reading,

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