Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Productive...meh productive.

Those of you who don't know down time is tough for me. Yeah I dream of days when I got nothing to do but in the end I start to go a little nutty and start getting into trouble in various and often creative ways. This week I worked with BIL (brother in law) to cut down a massive tree beside the house at my sisters place. This was total and real man's work....YARRRGH!

Yeah man work at one time we had two gas powered chainsaws going. Then when that was done and we rolled what was left of the tree off the drive way we knocked concrete off of steel posts and carried them up from the creek to the end of the drive way. Yesterday was one of recovery and trying to get ahead of the work load coming up for the fall semester of college. Today was more man work; I busted more concrete off of a couple more steel posts then threw the remnants into the creek.  Was that good enough for me?


I then decided that well the crotch of the tree we cut down was never gonna be split up by younger nephew. Kudos to him he has split 90% of what we cut down although not into small burnable pieces that we can sell or get rid of but hey I’ll split it later when we get a maul. The tree we cut down is red oak and brother let me tell you its goddamned heavy. The crotch of the tree is where the top of the tree split off into three different directions. That being the case everything around this section got chopped off. This left us with an ungainly unsightly heavy ass fucking hunk of angry wood.  That honestly I was not gonna even work on either. I had other plans for that thing. 

I thought it would be a good idea to take it down the trail where the creek is and leave it there for a couple of reasons. One is that is makes for a nice back stop to shoot at and secondly whenever I start to train it will be great to flip end over end 10 times for a set of 4-5 times. I was gonna thrown some strapping around it and drag it down there but decided not to cause it would tear up the yard. It’s too heavy to carry the son of a bitch and we ain’t got a wheel barrow. I flipped it end over end to get it down there and it was neither fun nor easy.  For now I will call this hunk of wood the “Dirty Name” It reminds me of a middle finger in some ways. It was rewarding to get it down there, after some lunch and recovery I may go down there with some targets and shoot Pop’s .22 for a bit.
Don’t worry I’ll study some over the summer; I am just loving the warm weather we got finally here in Georgia. I plan on starting my 5k program again soon and do my horrendous power program on the trainer for cycling, both are 8 weeks long.  I plan on hitting the MTB and Road bike miles before the end of the summer. 

Last night was spent looking at some really neat gadgets and man type things. Feels like I am WAY over compensating since nursing school is becoming more and more of a reality. Har…har …har…

Thanks for reading.

Post Script:
I know my birthday has come and gone but if you like you can get me a desperately needed watch for not only my nursing pursuits but for just all around bad assness

That friends and dear readers is the Sunnto black on black core watch and to answer the unasked question, yes I am compensating.

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