Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ok...ok..another watch

Alright I'm obsessing about a goddamn watch. I KNOW I have no money for one and the best I could probably afford is another cheap timex for work. I remember my old G-shock fondly. I bought it for dirt cheap when I worked stock at Macy's in the early 90's in Phoenix, Az. When I ended up in Guam (long story those of you who know me IRL know the tale) my then girlfriend "borrowed" the watch for her dive job.

It was a bit big for her arm like the face of it at least and the band fit her on the absolute last or next to last notch. But damned if she did not look sexy with that watch on. Still to this day if a woman is wearing a watch a bit too big for her arm and it's cinched up to the last notch on her arm, I find that woman the most attractive in the room. Strange thing I know. It was a fantastic watch, it survived a ton of dives between the both of us. It was also the source of several exchanges of witty banter between she and I. This old gshock in many ways was like our shared relationship jewelry. Eventually this girlfriend and I broke up and I made it a point to keep the watch.

The watch followed me state side and survived many many years until the battery died. Now this is about 10 plus years into the watch's life. I then had the battery replaced then a few years later the battery died again. I had the battery replaced again and unfortunately I lost the watch in the back country on a MTB ride. I was very sad over this turn of events, The watch had logged thousands of miles and had hundreds of dives logged with it. It had went all over the pacific rim and western united states.

So that in short is why I'm so on it about an oversized watch. Yeah they are manly but looking at that watch not only gives me the time and other important info BUT also brings back fond memories. In the end on some nights that's all you got.

Thanks for reading.

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