Sunday, September 13, 2015


Well, I don't know why we come here
Guess I just needed the bang
We walk in the beef, and then we pull on the rope
And then the, then the hammer comes down


So I guess they know
I'm not no company man
But I can pull on a rope, I can kill a cow
Slow as any other fucker can


A little while back Dave-O gave me a shit ton of old cassette tapes which both thrilled me and made me want to strangle him as well. As Dave-O tells it to me I had a pretty big influence on his musical tastes. He and I went to a ton of shows together in the mid-90's before I moved out west to Phoenix and beyond.

There are some real gems in this collection of old cassettes. Among them is a personal fave Big Black's "Atomizer" It is a thick with solid jams that gets the blood pumping. It brings back a lot of memories of adrenaline fueled nights heading to a local show to see what kind of trouble I could stir up.

Fave lyric:
'So I guess they know
I'm not no company man...'

This one sentence wraps up my entire professional life no matter where I am in my career. THEY know I'm not going to be in the inner circle no matter how hard I try. I can do the job as well as any other fucker can. So eternally I'm on the outside looking in which I've made as much peace with as I can. I've accepted it.

The temps are finally getting cooler here in in the Empire State of the South. I got a couple of bikes with me. The Cross Check is now back and doing commuting duties to campus, grocery & liquor stores and every other place in between. I slapped the old topeak rack on it with an old busted pannier. I need to get my hands on some spare 700 c tubes although I have super thick tubes in it already. I got the Kona S/S here too. It was doing commuting duties it just did not seem right to have it doing that. I have been wanting to get back on single track. It's been tough getting over to Dauset with the school grind. Maybe this evening. It's be the first time I've been single speeding in a few months. 

In other bike news I need to get it together to sell my TCR C2 giant road bike. It's tough parting with it because I worked my ass off and took a fair amount of shit from the bike shop owner getting it paid off. I worked at the shop so you can imagine that every time I walked in with a cuppa joe from the coffee shop next door I'd get a goddamn ear beating:

"Oh you bought coffee today, well I'm glad you can spend 5 dollars (actually it was a buck cause we had an understanding with the coffee shop owner) on a cup of coffee instead of paying off your bike. At least that son of a bitch next door is getting paid."


Anyways I don't ride it much and actually it's spent more time on a trainer than on a road. I need the money because of certain unexpected expenses like truck problems. I just got to get it together to put the damn thing on my rack and drive it back down here and over to the LBS.

So goes life. Thanks for reading.