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Me arm is betterish. Thoughts on personal space. Consuming technology

I have not posted in nearly two weeks for the simple reason there ain't much to say out side of "My right arm really fucking hurts!" So much so that i did not study for a Biology lab exam and promptly failed it. Fortunately my grade is good enough in there so I won't have to sweat failing the course.

The use of my right arm is limited so either I type and rest or hand write and rest. The last two weeks I have been hand writing and resting. I have had to work with this injury which has made that side of my life interesting. Riding even on a trainer has been completely out for the last 5 count 'em FIVE weeks. Needless to say that energy has gone into eating cookies and store bought brownies which has not helped the waistline at all.

My fitness plan is thoroughly scrapped, it seems like my semi-plan to take a couple of months off and head out to Colorado, Wyoming and Utah has been scrapped. The reason why is because even though the arm feels better now I don't want to run the risk of inflaming this injury further and having a longer recovery. I have cut down on the anti-inflammatory meds and am now only taking naproxin in the morning and at night with a couple of doses of tyl in between. A HUGE turn around from q 4 hrs IBU and TYL with frequent use of the TENS unit. Lately I have been tempted to say:

I've resisted because of what I said earlier and the recent rain storms have made the trails fairly soggy. I promised myself that today I would get on the trainer today and ride sitting up with no pressure on the hands. I still feel a knot (a hematoma perhaps?) in my lateral bicep. I have no idea what it is it's conjecture on my part even though my back ground is in EMS. It's neither here nor there.

Besides studies and catching up on serial TV (True Detective) it has given my mind a chance to wander some. One thing that my mind has wandered to is a little thing I'd like to call space, as in personal space. One of the common themes this blog has had since coming back to Georgia is my near constant whine of lack of personal space, I live with my sister and her family at the moment. It's an OK set up there are times when I wish I had room to build a climbing wall without asking for permission or having younger nephew tear it up as his unresponsible near 20 year old self is want to do. Having a coat of saw dust on my bikes is a minor annoyance as well. Something like drinking a beer while grilling out is strictly verboten because of strict christian beliefs that both my sister and mother have. Even if I could in typical southern fashion I would get whispers that I was drinking too much and an alcoholic, go figure. Which restricts other things I'd like to do as well which is brew beer. Their houses their rules I understand it all too well. Living on my own got me used to doing things and not being questioned out of "concern".

It evens out I suppose I get to use BIL's tools and pick his brain for various truck projects. It makes taking care of Mom easier because I don't have to wait on a call to figure out how to do coordinate with big sis. Trust me I TIRE of having to find big sis every week to tell and get the latest on Mom. I don't have to sweat buying groceries and I even get a home cooked meal a few times a week.I appreciate all that my family has done to support me I just tire of the family politics and hurt feelings when I speak my mind.

I have looked on with great envy the studios and garages friends have to do their own art and projects. Lately I have thought of getting my own "space" which would be a storage space. One of the common complaints around the house is that we're running out of space. If I rented a storage space that was climate controlled. I could move my bikes there and build a little indoor climbing spot and brew beer all in peace. I have an idea or two along those lines. I have railed on storage spaces in the past because of our consumer society. I recently helped a couple of friends pack to move to San Francisco from Georgia, they had TWO storage spots and filled up half a trailer (26 feet total) of their shit. It was a good time with good friends but sheesh what a nightmare of consumerism.

I have not thought it all the way through just yet. I'm partly tempted to just start building a tiny house on a trailer and finding land to rent that way I'd have a home and space. Problem though is even this cheap alternative is out of my reach plus where do I build it at? I've been tempted to ask a friend or two to loan space or rent space from them thing is that it's just awkward. Another thing is just a place to consolidate crap to dispose of it. I got bicycle tools and bicycle related stuff up at moms. Then all the crap I have down here, sheets of plywood that I should return that I'd rather use to build something with, jump seats out of the back of the truck, bed liner and tonneau cover for the same, etc I could go on and on. It'd be nice to put shit someplace without getting the raised eyebrow from someone or being asked out of "concern". I'll think on it some more and look at a few places around here. The thing I want to avoid is having everyone in my family say..."Oh you have a storage space? Can we just put (insert item) there for a little while?" My family is not horrible they are just family. I think they really don't understand me.

Like I said it gives me something to mull over.

Speaking of consumerism. I finally called it on my rugged albeit slow casio commando. A week or so ago on a good day with my arm I went to my local cell phone provider and chatted up the crew there.After seeing the awful performance of this phone they mercifully agreed to let me upgrade early then proceeded to read my mind and throw in a life proof case and a cheap tablet to boot. I had A LOT of frustration with my phone on my short spring break trip. It could barely do one thing like texting without crashing so imagine trying to listen to music and use GPS on the thing. Forget about checking the weather. I walked out with a deal on an S5 because the S6's are coming out soon. I'm happyish with the phone it's way bigger than I want but that's the way things are going now a days. We'll see how it holds up here soon.

Well folks that's about all I have time for today. I made it a point to get up early and write some today. I'll leave you with this from the wonderful interwebs:

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Calling Fool...Mr. April Fool.

The humor is strong with these guys. Strong work Yeti coolers.

the folks at biolite are getting in on the action

Since I mentioned the ridicooler well we have to have something to put in it:

Coors Energy Beer

If I run across more I'll post them here.