Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July '13

I have not posted in a bit because I have been busy. A couple of projects and a few distractions have popped up on my horizon as of late just a few weeks before the fall semester is set to begin.

Distractions pretty much are not worth mentioning but will end once the fall semester starts. 

Projects on the other hand:

1) Thor and the pool.

Recently here in the rural county homestead we have talked about getting rid of the eyesore of and in ground pool that has turned into a brackish pond. Frogs, turtles and mosquitoes are in this in ground pool/pond. Finally one day we decided to get to it. Here at the homestead we have plenty of time but no money.

B.I.L brilliantly redneck engineered a pump to get the water out of the deep end of the pool. I went to the local home improvement store and bought the biggest sledge hammer I could find. We found that the concrete in the pool falls apart fairly easily under the weight of a 16 pound sledge hammer.

The sledge hammer I named "Thor". Thor dishes out pain to both the concrete and the user. I am able to do 10-15 swings with it until I have to stop. Rest for a minute or two and repeat, all told I can last about an hour swinging Thor until I gotta sit down.I'm smart enough to only work at it in the morning or late afternoon.

There did come a point where the sludge in the bottom of the deep end of the pool had to come out. That fell to me. the reason why is because B.I.L. injured his ankle and foot years ago many bones were fused and I'm certain there is a fair amount of metal in his foot & ankle. He did use a bucket and rope to get some of the sludge then I had to get in there and muck it out. And let's face it the youngest nephew who openly brags that he is lazy is not going to do such a dirty job or any job for that matter. Although he has picked up Thor a couple of times for 15-20 minutes to show he is a tough guy. He is not, but whatever.

Honestly, I don't mind disgusting smells and textures. Which is what this sludge is and was. I spent 2 hours this past Monday getting all that shit cleared out and knocked a hole in part of the bottom in case it rained again. We have gotten to the point where even if it does rain the pool will not even come close to the level it was. With all the sludge distributed to the shallow end of the pool the part of breaking up the concrete in the deep end has started.

Swinging Thor overhead is an exercise in sheer will and pain. Between Monday and Tuesdays sessions I feel I have earned a break from that work for at least a day. Progress is being made, I expect that most of the inside of the pool will be broken up appropriately by the time the fall semester starts.

Ultimately the pool will be filled in and a weeping willow will be put there. If I think to I'll take pics of the progress made so far. It ain't pretty.

2) Camper shell.

For the longest time a camper shell has sat in the yard of the rural home. It was off the back of younger nephews truck. he rejected it because "It doesn't look cool" which I admit he has a point, it's a bit beat up. But the price is right (free) and with a small investment and some luck it'll fit on the back of my truck rather nicely. I have been looking for a camper shell to go over the back of the truck for when I make trips like the one I'd like to make up to Asheville in a couple of weeks. The tonneau cover is REALLY nice and it locks but it's not very liveable.

Years ago before youngest nephew (YN) got the truck a branch or tree handed on the camper shell and dented it. A patch job was done on the hole of the shell but from what I was told it still leaked. Also the screens on the sliding windows were torn AND the shocks that howl the rear door to the camper shell are missing.

The screen and piping and the spray rubber for the leaking roof has been bought. I THINK I might have the leaks solved. I hope so that spray rubber in a can is expensive and goes way fast. B.I.L was able to find a shock for the rear window someplace and we'll get to cranking on the screen for the windows soon enough. Plus I have to get up in the camper shell and spray it out lots of dirt has gotten up in there. Again if I think to I'll post pictures of that project. I am aiming to have that done and on the truck by then end of next week. I also saw a cool idea for the tailgate that should not be too hard. 'Cause I wanna head to Asheville on 8/5.

Running continues and although I have missed some time on the trainer I feel pretty good. the sessions with Thor and the dirty pool has helped. Well the sun is starting to peak up over the horizon here and I have a very full day ahead of me.

I'll try to post more often. Thanks for reading.