Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Good trail day.

Yesterday was just too damn awesome NOT to ride at least that's what Karen Minton said. I grabbed the voodoo locked it to the bike rack on the truck and headed off to school for a bio lab that morning. After biology lab I headed over to the truck and headed down to the local trails at Dauset about 20 minutes away. Well 20 minutes turned into an hour when the two lane highway was blocked by a jack knifed stuck 18 wheeler. At least I got to listen to dirt bag diaries for a spell.

Got to the trail and headed out. Turned out I had the trails pretty much to myself for the time which was a little over an hour. The reason I stayed for such a short time is that I had math homework to get done at home. It was one of the more perfect days on the bike. Temps got into the low 70's and despite my lagging physical fitness I rode pretty well on the trails. It's suppose to be just as nice today, I'm not going to ride though I have a date with a stair master and elliptical machine to keep.

I wanted to give a quick mention to Craig Bierly. I stumbled across his blog on the interwebs. I have to say that this dude is doing EXACTLY what I want to do. He's really going for it. I'll drop him a line over the next few days and start a dialogue with him. Alrighty gotta bail and head out to class.

Thanks for reading

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