Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Forward this year

For my two readers who keep track I mentioned Because I said I would an entry or two ago. Because it means something to me I decided not to wait for the cards in the mail. Instead I decided to print some up. In keeping with the idea behind it I'm posting the cards here:

I'm posting these because I want to be held accountable for the day to day stuff. I've taken pics of the ones directly related to my Mom, Sister and Youngest nephew and text them to them (except to Mom which I will put on her fridge. There is one promise I am making to my father. I'll get it laminated or waterproofed somehow and put it on his flowers graveside:

The promise cards strike a chord with me because I promised years ago (decades before these were a reality) that I would come back to Georgia and help out with the parents when I was needed. Those of you who follow me regularly know I have done that in spades. I'd like to think that based on that alone I'm a man of my word. A majority of the time when I say I'm going to do something I follow through. I believe an old neighborhood friend once called me "The King of follow through" (I think Mug said it). Anyways it's said and done let's go forward this year. Forward this year. Seems like a good personal mantra since I had a set back with college last year with the decision to quit nursing school and pursue a biology degree.

In case you have not already noticed I am up way early this morning for the simple fact that I could not sleep. I don't know why I did not doze off yesterday. I guess because I was really on the go Monday. I got all my tax stuff in early this year and called my tax person and a small awesome thing happened. I was able to get in and get it done in a couple of hours. I'm right happy with it because when I went a couple of years ago (because I got my W2 and 1080 late) I was there for nearly six hours because they were so behind. It was a waste of a good weather day, you gotta do what ya gotta do I suppose.

I use to blame getting up early with the stress of school which is not the case now. I'm a little amazed that since I decided to leave eventually leave healthcare that it feels like a huge load has been taken off my shoulders.

Let's change things up a bit and talk about some fun dirtbag shit shall we?

I stumbled across Semi-rad not that long ago which in hand led me over to my new fave podcast for my driving commutes to Atlanta and to the local trails, Dirtbag Diaries. I became familiar with the term during my years in Colorado and did my share of dirtbagging around the centennial state with MTB trips on the Colorado trail and of course with the climbing culture there. Dirtbags are tolerated and even loved where there is a ton of outdoor activity. Out here in places where the outside culture is less understood it's frowned upon as being irresponsible. I've started to look more and more to being a bit more of a Dirtbag with the outfitting of the truck and my last few trips up to North Carolina.

I have really openly laughed at the podcasts and understood the mentality behind the stories. Yes, there are a lot of climbing stories because the folks who produce these gems are primarily climbers. I still consider myself a beginning climber and a armchair mountaineer so I "get" the references and mentality to a degree. As we all know mountain biking is my passion. It seems to me that being a Dirtbag if only for a little while is about setting all other things aside and pursuing adventure. With that I see nothing wrong, makes for a lot of celebrated summers. It also makes relatives & friends scratch their heads.

Since the weather is going to be up in the 60's today I decided that I'll get the voodoo out and do a ride over at my local trail since school is about half way to the trail from where I currently live. I got biology lab and judging from the content last week and what we are going to do this week  can probably get out on time and head over to the trail by noon and be have the tires dirty by noon thirty. I'll stop rattling on so I can get on with my day and you dear readers can get on with yours.

Thanks for reading.

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