Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Ham fisted knuckle head.

Alright here is my explanation for stripping out the left crank arm pedal threads yesterday. I was in a rush and half asleep when I just was trying to slap on a set of old flat pedals onto the Kona. I fucked it all up ended up having to go over to a very small bicycle shop and get the crank arm tapped out.

I was in the words of the bike shop owner I used to work for "A ham fisted knuckle head" I just was not paying attention to what I was doing. It was fortunate that despite all the errands I had to run yesterday that I was able to get this small problem fixed pretty easily by my new LBS. It being the winter season the LBS took my bike in and got it fixed right quick and for a reasonable price hell I even bought a new set of flat pedals for tooling around on campus.

School starts today, I'm up early just cause. My school schedule is now reasonable due to my major change. Reasonable enough that I think I may have time to go to the gym on campus between classes on Monday and Wednesday then ride after class on Thursday. This is all tentative due to an unknown work load and weather.

Over the weekend I did get my SD (Steph Davis) shelf out of the truck. I did this to better measure and prepare to modify it. One of the goals for the truck is to cut down on clutter while out on the road and improve security. Clutter builds up fast especially when I am living out of backpacks and bags. I also don't want to go WAY overboard and make raised platforms in the truck because I want headspace in the camper shell portion of the truck. I figure I can put drawers on the bottom of the SD shelf with small cabinet combo locks. I also am hot on the idea of a hidden compartment in one drawer.

Other modifications will be a piece of plywood covering the entire bottom of the bed to give me a flat surface to work with with small flat areas over the wheel wells. I want this so I can have a place to mount my cooler. then if I get that far a place to mount my marine battery and hooked up to a solar panel. I would also like to get wood paneling up inside the truck first though I gotta find a leak and get weather stripping up in the tail gate area. I have to do this on a very tight budget.

It's a fair amount of work to do with school here now. None of it will matter a damn if I don't get into shape because with the amount of riding and hiking I plan to do over the summer I best get my (fat) ass in gear. As promised eventually I'll post pics of all the truck mods.

Alrighty time is getting short gotta bail. Thanks for reading.

Oh yeah..happy new year.

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