Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday ride

I woke up this morning looked up the weather. It was forecast for a day in the mid-50's of course it would not get that warm until noonish so that gave me time to listen to my history lecture finish up my notes for that, do some researching on a field I am greatly interested in at the moment and do laundry.

I got all that done then I was out the door and had the Voodoo loaded by noonish . I made it to the trail for a real nice day of riding. It was quite pleasant as i made my turns down my favorite loops at my local trails. I had the trails pretty much to myself with the exception of seeing one other rider at a big intersection headed the opposite way I was.

In typical quiet day on the trail I got to with in 10-15 feet of three deer and they did not even run off. A moment most any hunter in the area would literally kill for. I cleared a little patch I have always had difficulty with today and despite just now getting on a bike this past week after a few weeks off I had plenty of wind to do the climbs I ran across there. Yeah it was in the granny gear, I cleared those climbs all the same sucka!

The Voodoo I've owned it for so long it's an extension of me. It takes turns and obstacles without me even thinking about it. I was thinking about the Voodoo a lot while riding, about how many thousands of miles we've logged. The countless nights of sleeping under the stars. the post girlfriend rides and mainly how when moving back to the states after living on the other side of the planet that it was the one thing I wanted most. Not a warm jacket or a new pair of shoes. A hard tail steel Voodoo. I was thinking that this tax return that I'd finally send it off to Bilenky Cycle Works to have the frame repainted. I say that every year and every year I don't do it I always say..."next year".

The ride was grand, very really uplifting then I saw this in the parking lot:

Which would be fine if the lot was crammed with cars, the trouble was that it was not:

I own the green pick-up truck with the camper shell. None of these minivans were there when I got there and rode so they got there afterwards. I stood there and scratched my head for a moment. I tried to understand the reasoning of parking so close to my truck with a practically empty lot there in front of you.

I was tempted to leave a note or a butt print on the windshield of the minivan and decided against it because it would really bum out that soccer mom once she got back from her nature walk and hey I really don't wanna make a person feel stupid over silly parking lot etiquette like not parking too close to vehicles with bike racks on the back.  I let it pass.

While I was ruminating the folly of the human race I got to meet another local who just pulled up as I was loading the Voodoo onto my rack. Although I have been coming here for over five years they all seem kind of shocked to meet me. I was cool with him as he was with me and we talked about trail conditions etc. Typical trail head small talk.

I bailed soon afterwards and headed to Safehouse Coffee in Griffin. I have been grumbling lately that there is not a good local coffee place here in the ruralish area I live in currently. I did a little googling and ran across this place. It's locally owned so it's bonus in my case. Whole bean coffee bought at a reasonable price, hell I was even able to find a parking spot right there in front of the shop on the street! Have not brewed it yet. That's tomorrow morning.

I got some bio lab stuff to work on so I'll end here. rain is in the forecast tomorrow so I think I'm going to head over to a climbing gym and boulder a bit. Thanks for reading.

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