Sunday, February 1, 2015


Good News and Bad News.

Good News:

Got my first road ride in a long while in yesterday. I actually got the trainer tire off and got the road tire on the TCR2 with no trouble or pinched tube. The road bike rode wonderfully, I only did about 12 miles because I am uncertain of my conditioning right now. Remembered road riding is much different than mountain biking because of the wind. I found that I did not have to worry about locals running me off the road or throwing bottles at me like I use to. Note to self next time wear wind vest it got a bit chilly out there. I've had good weather recently, had a wonderful ride over at Dauset on Thursday, the rear wheel on the voodoo is a bit loose I need to get it fixed, can't remember if I have cone wrenches over at mom's place or not. I'll put my ATAC pedals back onto the Kona and do some single speeding for a bit to suffer some. S/S helps out on the trail a lot, we all know this though.

Other GN:

Got my tax refund back super fast. I used a majority of it to pay down a credit card bill. Going to use some more for something special for myself, something I have wanted to do since Pop died. I won't say what it is just yet I'll post pics when it happens. Bill paid off to accountant, very happy about that that bill is not hanging over my head anymore. They are super cool because I am an EMT and student just did not need to drag that out any longer.

Bad News:
I did find out I'll get my student loan money in the next week or so. Unfortunately it's not near as much as I anticipated (about 25% of what was expected). I know why, b/c I signed up for 10 hrs of classes instead of 11. Honestly thought I did sign up for 11 hrs. Dumb mistake on my part, lesson learned. This makes paying bills very tight and I may have to work more at BCH. Something I'd rather not do for reasons posted a while back. Still trying to get out of healthcare before something horrible happens again. This also throws into doubt planned trips for the summer, mods to the truck and doing EMT classes. I wanted to get into crossfit too with a college buddy and can't afford that now. REALLY don't want to work over the summer and will try to figure out a way to pull off summer trips. I thought about crowd funding just need to look into it some more. I'll get in touch with another college pal to see if I can wash windows for him pays better than BCH much safer and he pays cash.

Unrelated to GN/BN just news.

Algebra test tomorrow. Not super confident with it, in fact in over my head. I'll keep plugging away b/c I cannot afford to drop class. Pulling for a "C" in there. I'm not sure how much work will get done today. It's superbowl sunday, ON (older nephew), YN (younger nephew/Lazy 8) and their cousin are here. YN is Seattle fan don't know why he has NO ties to the city and has never been close to going to the NW. Go figure. It's a big day at the house Big Sis loves having all "her" boys in the house. Lot's of noise, it's just one day so no biggie and besides this ties into a promise card "I'll be more patient with YN"

and another side note reading more and more of RU Nuts adventures dude he's living the dream!

Alright I got plenty of school work to do. Thanks for reading.

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