Saturday, February 7, 2015

Winter hack

On and off for the last week or so I have been dealing with a hacking cough that just won't go away. I get one every winter that I am outside and active. I'm not worried too much, since it's non-productive, I am not running a fever nor do I have night sweats.

Did a nice ride over at the local trails on Thursday. It was a little bit chilly and honestly I should have thrown a jacket in a jersey pocket which probably further explains why I still have this persistent cough. It was a good enough day for a ride on the ol' trail witch. I did a piece of trail I had not done in a long while "huff and puff" trail If I remember right it's points 21-24 on the map:

For me the toughest bit was between points 22-23 and really hammers home the "huff and puff" name of the trail. It just shows where my conditioning is at since although I only dabbed once while riding that piece I was in my granny gear a lot more than I usually am. Heavens help me if I ever am crazy enough to take the Kona s/s up there. I will some time this year it's just right now I just don't have the wind.

Which brings up me taking the voodoo to the LBS (local bicycle shop). Just to remind my few readers the LBS I had gone to since moving back to Georgia shut it's doors. Which forced me to look for another shop. No small feat in rural middle Georgia. I found one and I'm reserving judgement right now to see if they pull through. I went by there after my ride and dropped off the voodoo/trail witch. It's ALWAYS a tough thing for me to drop off that bike. It's just a bunch of niggling things that's worked their way loose or need replacing. I need a new chain, the headset I just cannot get adjusted right, the rear wheel is a titch loose, a new rear tire which good quality 26x2.1 tires are getting harder and harder to find. Plus the brakes I just don't have the time to make them just "so". It also gives me the excuse to ride the kona since the voodoo is in the shop.

I felt kind of silly going up there and dropping it off for such small reasons. I just know I don't have the time to wrench on the bikes since it takes me a while to do things since 1) I was never that good of a wrench and 2) It would take me forever to do these things since I am out of pratice. Besides I want to support my LBS in hopes that this time next year I'll FINALLY get the voodoo painted by Bilenky cycle works. Something I have said for oh the last 7-10 years.

I plan on getting out on the road bike today and putting in a ride since it's going to be warmer today and yes, I will put a jacket into my jersey pocket today.

I got to finish up some history homework and get started on math so I can go ride later today. Thanks for reading.

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