Saturday, February 28, 2015

New Terraduos

As I have written I got my new terraduos in the mail and my ATAC cleats came shortly afterwards. I did not take the time to mount them until today because I knew I needed to take my time and that I'd have to ride in them. I mounted everything up and decided to follow some advice I read in a article about such things and mount them a little differently. It was  mistake.

The shoes fit well and are way comfy. I usually position my cleats in the front most position with the mounts run way forward. I do this because as a kid I learned to keep the balls of my feet on the pedals for better power transfer which I read in some BMX magazine back in the mid-80's. Never got away from that train of thought, now I just cannot be comfortable any other way. I like to stretch my legs during a ride, the cleats mounted on the balls of my feet allow this. Even mounted a couple of millimeters back caused some foot discomfort and trouble riding well. I had a descent ride just cut it short because I was on the S/S and have not ridden it in a while. It left me kinda wobbly legged with the addition of differently mounted cleats. Hopefully the shoes will continue to fit well and are comfy off the bike I hope with going back to the original position I usually use I'll feel better.

Yes, I bought new CRC socks too. I figured I was down to one CRC wool sock and since I was S/S today that it would be nice to wear new socks and new shoes. It was like the first day of school from the calves on down, just without some shit head ruining your new stuff by spilling something on it in the cafeteria.

 It was a day of minor set backs. I went to the LBS the other day and had a 20 tooth freewheel put on the S/S because I wanted to ride it on steeper sections at without my lungs exploding. I thought honestly that when I flipped it over that it would be close with the chain and tensioner, well I was wrong there. It was just too much tension on the chain driving the tensioner up in to the frame, I cursed my gambling nature with such things. I usually run a 32x18 on a 26 inch wheel and kept a 16 on the other side for intown riding during snow in Denver. Not needing a 16 anymore for such things I thought a 20 would be a bit better because let's face it my legs (and my my elbows) are getting old. Now since I lack chain links and patience for that at least it's another trip to the LBS to see if he can make the chain right for both freewheels, I suspect another chain in in my future, I hope not though.

It was an OK ride for a Saturday. Not as crowded as last weekend. I felt like I was fighting with the bike a little in spots Riding a rigid single speed can be a hoot most times there are just some times it just hurts. I will say that I do like being able to sit trailside and enjoy a small snack without bugs crawling up my nose like they do here in the warmer months. I am looking forward to the warmer months because I dislike the fear of being improperly dressed and getting sick because of it.

No school for a week or so after this coming up Wednesday. I have checked the weather and well starting next week the weather gets wet. Which means I go onto the trainer for a few days. I'd like very much to be able to start on putting plywood down in the truck's bed I just lack room in BIL's garage to do such a thing. If the weather clears enough I'll start on that. I have thought I'd do a quick overnight over in LA (lower alabama) like the Gulf Coast for a MTB trip I just don't want a repeat of my wet trip I had up to asheville a couple of years ago where I was stuck in the truck half the time waiting for the weather to break. I may just stay in state and ride at Hard Labor State Park. I'm trying to keep out of the mountains for the moment because frankly I don't have the legs for sustained climbs.

I'll wrap up here for now. Hopefully the weather for next week will change form mostly rain to mostly sun. One can hope. Thanks for reading.

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