Monday, February 23, 2015

Modified SD shelf

Modified SD (Steph Davis) shelf.

A while back I ran across an easy way to store gear during a trip the good ol' Steph Davis shelf. A simple piece of plywood that acts as a shelf to put gear on when you're sleeping in the bed of your truck. It works fine and I have no complaints I just always thought it could be "better". I put some thought in it an sketched out a thing or two.

My woodworking skills are for from being primo and after the build out of the truck cab I figured I could handle a drawer. I got like 80% done and needed to call in B.I.L. to help out. The problem I had was a large bow in the middle of the 3/4 inch plywood was making things not fit right. The solution?  inch and a half angle iron and some bolts and it worked. He finished off the front of the drawer for me cause he's a helluva a guy. Well here it is folks the modified SD shelf:

As you can see it's a drawer under a 3/4 inch of plywood that is "C" clamped to the bed of the truck. The drawer got added for a couple of reasons. One is to cut down on the amount of bags I carry on a trip the next is just keeping things organized. The drawer is also going to be semi-secure with a lock:

Yes, I know if someone wants my shit bad enough they'll bust the lock. It's just another pain in the ass thing to get by on top of a locked tail gate and locked camper shell door. A thief is going to have to work hard to get in there. I still have to put in the lock BIL told me it takes about an hour. it struck me today that I have wandered into the world of cabinet making. Heavens help me!

I left enough room to put an 8 gallon action packer underneath the drawer itself. I figure 3 action packers in the back. One for cycling gear, another for climbing gear and a third will be a flex box which things like books and miscellaneous things will be put into.  The flex box could be for anything.

The next question is am I going to finish the thing. I just might. I saw a neat article about charring wood then sanding it then putting urethane over it. Sounds good just need a little time to do that. My goal was to have the modified SD shelf done by spring break for school. I hope to have the latch on by then which is a little over a week away.

I have enough wood to build out the rest of the truck bed for more comfort insulation and storage. The SD drawer is making me modify some plans for that that's fine though because no other wood has been cut just yet. 

Onto other news.

I had some good old friends come in from out of town. they came back to get their shit and make a perm move out to the SF bay area. They say five years there I say they are going to stay forever. I helped them out on Wednesday and Thursday by helping them clear out their 2 storage units. Wow it was a lot of shit I could not imagine having so much. Nothing so much that I stick it in a storage place for a couple of years. It brings up a Tyler Durdenism "The things you own end up owning you." I love these friends dearly they just have a lot of possessions, not like hoarding kind of thing just stuff.

I miss the hell out of these old work/SF friends very much. I'd do most anything to be out west like they are now.

More news bike related.

I got my new Giro terraduos on Monday. I'm waiting on my Time ATAC cleats to come in then I RIDE. I'm usually VERY reluctant to buy shoes over the interwebs I've had success with a new pair running shoes and some casual merrells. I'm over due for new shoes because I've had my lakes for 10 years now, I cannot get the cleats off of them and the velcro is so worn it hardly holds anymore. Plus the toe on one of the shoes is starting to separate from the upper. I did a lot of research on shoes. I bought my Lakes because they had a vibram sole. I have a thing about wanting to walk in cycling shoes and some sections of trail in some places I have to walk esp when I was up on the CT. I'm not a huge fan of sidi shoes just because everyone else rides them does not make them right. Besides sidi MTB shoes just don't have enough tread for me and I've heard of issues over the years with buckles.

The terraduos are said to have sole separation issues. I got in touch with the folks over there and was told the issue should be gone if you buy direct from Giro. I did and if I have issues the shoes go right back. They have a buckle too and I'm kinda hinkey about it we'll see how well they hold up. It's a big spot to fill replacing the old Lakes lets see how they measure up time will tell.

If the weather holds today I'm planning to single speed over at Dauset today. Then hopefully by the LBS to get my new 20 tooth freewheel. I want to be able to ride some of the more hilly sections and need a little lower gear. This prompted me to thinking about the Karate monkey and going 2x9 on it. I hardly use the big ring. I really need better shifting on it, maybe that would help. It's a down fall of a 10-12 year old frame made before removeable dropouts. It's got horizontal drop outs really, it should be a single speed 29er I just like it better as a geared bike. I bought it geared and it stays geared for now. Heavens help me when I flat on the thing (knock wood) it has not happened in a LONG time but it's a chore fixing a flat cause you gotta take off the rear disc brake. For the faults of the bike it rides wonderfully.

Alrighty back to bed I think my weird middle of the night wake up is finally wearing off. Thanks for reading.

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