Friday, December 4, 2015

Soon...soon... soon

I have to admit that as of late I have been wanting to write. Just in the strange, violent and terrifying ways of the world I get a glimpse of what's just outside my tiny bubble. Then I decide not to write because I'll get all nihilistic and get into being a misanthrope which will result in maximum negativity. Combine that with the current holiday season and well it turns into a sucking blacker than black vortex. 

So I don't write.

With that said and knowing my penchant for hating (ahem severely disliking) the last 6 weeks of the year for a multitude of reasons (radical consumerism wrapped up into a tight package of rabid right wing extreme religious piousness and an over all forgetfulness of decent human kindness) I have strove somewhat to be a bit more positive despite my leaning towards the negative in these final weeks of the year.

It all kicked off with the day after thanksgiving and my solo first annualish optoutside black friday ride.

I was rather surprised to see the parking lot of Dauset kinda of full despite the shopping holiday. I set about swilling beer doing last minute adjustments to the Trail Witch and I headed out. There was really no plan, just wanted to ride along on a fine fall day here in middle Georgia. The most folks I saw were near the trail head.
I went to perhaps one of my fave spots at Dauset. It's on the back side on the sandy creek trail. A little while back there was some major trail blockage by some huge trees. The local crew had to drag out the chain saws and clean it all up. Well one of them apparently has a sense of humor and carved this little smiley face. Now I ride by here take a seat on a stump and swill a trail beer. The area needs some more of this trail side art because for the most part it seems to be no huge vistas like what I grew use to out west. I digress though I am thankful for good riding close to where I live. I rode and then rode some more since it had been a long while since I was on the old Voodoo. I eventually made it back to the truck and just sat there and enjoyed the day.  I do admit for all my bitching about Georgia it is nice to be able to get out and enjoy a nice mid-60's temp on black friday. Eventually I made it back to the happening bachelor pad I call "home".

Once "home" I enjoyed another small thing I enjoy. Shower beers. I highly suggest you partake and enjoy one. It'll do nothing except make you smile...go ahead I'll wait...

I'm close all so close to the end of a very average semester. I've struggled with math in a grand way to the detriment of Biology. I only have 4 days til the semester over and then friends and two readers I'll be on the trail a bit more often in perhaps other places other than my own local riding spot. I'll close with a video that's a couple of years old. I challenge you not to smile and tap your foot while listening to "I was denied" by Thee Oh Sees:


The performance really reminds me of the fun raw energy of a damn good show. In the last few days I have watched that video quite a bit to remind me all that is good with the world in these violent terrifying weeks. Well onto studying soon...soon...soon I'll be outside.

Thanks for reading.

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