Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What's not to like

I'll start out with a couple of fave artist as of late. One in particular Peaches and of course Iggy Pop:

I was into some Peaches several years ago after seeing her on the old IFC "Rollins Show" liked what she was doing then as the human condition works I drifted away from her artistry.

Lately I have been listening to the WTF pod cast by Marc Maron. Yeah I'm late to that party, so it goes. Anywho These pod casts really do the job when you're driving an hour from mid-ga to Atlanta on a regular basis.  Anywho, Maron had Peaches on his podcast and I again dug what she had to say and how Maron did the interview with a person who is very creative in every artistic vein I can think of currently.

So what's not to like?

The semester wrapped up with me actually passing algebra with a decent non failing grade. With any math I am satisfied with an "average" grade. Biology turned out well which I'm happy with since I totally bombed a lab exam earlier in the semester. I have 6 classes to go until I finish my Associates of Biology. I'm taking a couple of history classes and a chemistry class this coming up semester. I have to decide on how I'm going to divy up my remaining classes like statistics, pre-calc and my second semester of chemistry. I'm closer to the end than I am the beginning. Thank heavens. What I do after that I'll decide later most likely. Possibly move onto a bachelors in biology/science of some sort.

Who knows, certainly not me.

 I had plans on riding today and yup it was totally nice, I just could not do it. In my middle age I have learned to listen to my body and my body said:

"Dude, slow down. I'm making you sore all over because you're not taking it easy on you/us."

So I listened, I slept past noon and ate copiously. The plan is to take the S/S Kona out for a nice ride on a hopefully dry trail. I need to ride the single speed a bit more because I was really fighting with myself while riding last week on the voodoo. I really would like to do a north Georgia trip after xmas and over the new years break. I haven't done much planning beyond telling myself "I should" do it. And really it's not much to plan now I just load up the truck and roll.

That's it for the moment more to come over the break. Thanks for reading.

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