Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The big holiday week

First off every year I post this as a reminder to everyone what the season is based on:

Thanks for this wonderful explanation calamities of nature. 

One day if I ever get around to it I'll make these into postcards and send them off at holiday time

With that out of the way let's crack open a winter beer and stumble forth into the realms of well...umm...something bicycle related. Rainy day projects currently rule the thoughts of BOSAHFOW. I've vacuumed out the mazdarauder and organized the cab of said adventure mobile. Also in the mazdarauder I affixed some waggling finish pieces that have been rattling around. I have yet to rind a proper storage net for the area behind the drivers seat. Yeah Yeah I need to post all those mazdarauder construction pics one day.

I finally got around to making the second of my  milk crate panniers:
Now if I can get a proper rack for the front of the cross check I'll have a right nice grocery getter/liquor bitch. Alas such things are not easily to properly rig (for me at least) and rarely are they cheap. I lucked out with the milk crate panniers. I had the milk crates on hand and spent maybe 3 bucks and 15 minutes in the local ace hardware store a few minutes of staring at my bicycle rear rack and wah-la removable multi use panniers.

I drug the tools out and a pair of new brake pads for the voodoo last night. I sessioned the voodoo mechanically fussing with the brakes and adjusting (yet again) the stem height and fiddling eddy merckx style with my saddle. Yet another rainy day project done.

I got around to punching holes into a combat lifesaver course book I printed out and put it into a binder. I figured with all the mass shootings going on as of late knowing a little bit of combat trauma care above what I already know would be a smart idea. Now I just gotta sit down and read it. It's only 200 or so pages long with questions at the end of every chapter. I may be leaving healthcare but it's not reason not to stay up on techniques that may save my life or someone elses in a jam.

Other rainy day projects:
-Switching the underbed drawers around so I can access cool weather clothing more easily. 
-Doing dishes
-Digging all the shit out from under the bathroom sink and rediscovering very important items.
-More velcro!

I did finally open my home brewing kit. I promised myself I would brew over the winter break. I browsed the material and will give it a go on Monday. If all goes well I'll have my first batch done by the end of January 2016.

Even though its been rainy I was able to crank out a ride on the Kona single speed the last week and even snapped a great little pic:

I unfortunately cut short my ride because of strange left leg semi cramps. Don't know what that was about. It was a great day to ride and wish my middle aged body was more agreeable that day. I will have to say since I got the instagrams I do take pics more often and notice other things a bit more often. One thing I have noticed is how fat bikes have truly exploded. I believe fat bikes have certain applications like riding in the snow or sand. I get that and understand it especially when it comes to winter riding. I'll even go as far to say that I have fat bike envy when it comes to winter riding in the snow in the winter.

As for seeing them on local trails here in Georgia in 60 degree temps...well...it's a bit of over kill. Yet the heart wants what it wants and you cannot and should not bash anyone one who wants to ride a bicycle even if it is the wrong whip for the current trail and conditions. It's my impression that fat bikes are meant for slow pace riding. Which again I understand and get. Give me ColoRADo snow and a fat bike and well the riding season would be extended just a little bit longer.

Finally the holiday week is here. I'm working the days for a little extra pay. Also have plans on hanging with some old work friends in from the left coast. Dunno what I am doing for NYE just yet. the rainy weather does not look like it'll let up. So I gotta decide on what I'll do with spare time up until the 5th and 6th of January which is when school starts back.

That's all i got for now. Thanks for reading.

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