Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I really don't have a home

This has been a recurrent theme here at BOSAHFOW. I keep being reminded of it from time to time. Nothing to really mention here just small things that remind me that hey I'm constantly living under someone else's  roof. As my 2-3 readers know that since leaving Colorado I have had a real hankering for elbow room:

With that said I have worked here and there on my summer breaks to make my truck (that Pop gave me on his death bed) more well home like. It has been small things like the camper shell and shelf on the bed now it's getting more serious. I recently took out the jump seats in the extended cab to take on the project to have more storage space. Throwing gear into this extended cab area makes for a mess and breaks things. this goes into an areas I have little confidence in which is cabinet making and working on truck.

I'll be cutting the interior here soon and buying insulation and wood to start this little project. I've got it fairly planned out now I just need follow through. I was really inspired by this video I saw this morning:

OK the video I want won't down load here is the link:

The beer taps is what made it for me. Seriously though, here is a thought. Have a tiny house and the rest of the money you invest into lots around the country. Like have a piece of land in the Rocky Mountains some place maybe up in Asheville out in Sedona up in the Cascades in the northwest on the left coast someplace? It's an appealing thought to me.

The video also reminded me a lot of people I knew in Colorado and their attitude about skiing which was "Never turn away willingly from good powder" which I carried to "never turn away from a good trail"

I got up early to go ride over at Dauset this morning so I better get cracking. Thanks for reading.

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