Wednesday, May 21, 2014

On the MTB finally

Since this is a self professed cycling blog I felt that it's important to once every few months to you this activity some of my 3 readers may know that I do. That activity you ask? Cycling, specifically Mountain Biking. Yesterday I dug out the Karate Monkey and got it into the stand. I gave it a serious dusting off because no matter how hard I try I just can't keep saw dust off my bikes. I have tried putting blankets over them in the past alas no luck.

I got air in the tires and forks ran through the shifters and just generally made sure the bike worked still. It did. then I FINALLY got to put the head badge onto the KM. I bought this at least a few years ago and had every intention of putting it on the old karate monkey. This expensive trinket (because it's made of silver) ended up landing in the back of the top shelf of my tool cabinet because I wanted to use two part epoxy to glue it to the head tube and see if I could tap a couple of holes to make sure I did not lose it. Well the tapping of holes never happened, for some reason the two part epoxy was never bought.

I then remembered a couple of months ago when I had the karate monkey out that hey I got this bitchin' head badge for it. I found the head badge and there it sat on my shelf waiting for the semester to end. The semester mercifully ended, after a week or two of wrapping some loose ends up I made time to get the KM head badge on the bike. Fortunately BIL has two part epoxy just lying around. Although I was tempted to use his tool and die set, I refrained because simply that set of tools is way expensive. Two part epoxy...well relatively cheap in comparison.

I got out my dremel and roughed up the surfaces of the head tube and KM head badge and CAREFULLY applied the epoxy. It turned out fairly straight and looks damn good if I do say so myself:

You may ask yourself where do I get bitchin' head badges for my bike? Check out Revolution Cycle Jewelry

I did this because I was sorely wanting to get out and ride today. I knew it was going to be great weather early on and my closest trails would be nearly empty. The closest trail system is a now better known single track jewel in middle Georgia called Dauset Trails. They've done a good job down there, it's a pleasure as always to ride it. Over the years the trail markers have fallen off or removed and some switch back cutting has happened it's expected unfortunately. It's still a great place to ride in the Mid-Ga. region. Lots of trail races of all sorts happen there and from what I gather it's pretty busy there on the weekends.

I stuck to the main trail system itself because last time I rode there I nearly broke my neck on the Indian springs trail. Which if I remember right connects Dauset (which is privately owned) to a local state park. I think mostly it is because I was way out of shape when I rode that piece a while back, which I'll say was my problem, not poor trail layout. I knew I have not been on a bike on single track in awhile so I resolved to take it easy. I did and had a blast, an added bonus I only saw one other MTB rider out there. I even took a small break and did some impromptu trail maintenance.

Trail maintenance? Yup. It seems as though some pansies can't handle an off camber semi rocky, rooty, rutty turn around an old large tree stump. So they short cut the switch back. It makes for serious erosion probs later on down the line and screws up the trail. I took about 10 minutes to find rocks and other debris to make it obvious that short cutting the switch back is a bad idea. We'll see if it holds up.

Other than that and missing trail markers Dauset is a complete and total hoot. The head badge stayed on the entire way and I held up pretty well. Yes, I don't have the legs to climb the inclines fast. I still did clear all the climbs though. Yes in granny gear so meh, it's about being outside, enjoying nature and the soul. Thanks for reading.

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