Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Forty Four

Once again it's that time of year when the old b-day rolls around.  I have to say the best b-day present I have gotten so far was from myself to myself. I passed the first semester of nursing school! It was not easy, I just got it done. I'm rather pleased with me because I feel like it's quite the accomplishment for a guy of at best average intelligence and at my age which by the way if you did not catch the title is now 44.

Some folks balk at the middle aged years, I don't. My attitude is that I'm only getting better. There is no need in dreading the ever present march of time. Just like when I started losing my hair I accepted it and moved on. If you got something to say about a middle aged chunky bald guy who is only half smart then man you got bigger problems than me. I digress, it's a good day all around and the plan is to do as little as possible.

BIL (brother in law) was awesome and agreed to let me shoot his 44 magnum on my 44th birthday (my idea) which I think is pretty cool. I'll push out about a dozen rounds down range at various bottles and targets. Next year I plan on shooting a 45 (carried one in the army) on my 45th birthday. Then if I remember I'll shoot a 50 caliber on my 50th. I'm by no means a gun nut although I owned a great colt king cobra snubbie years ago. I was forced to sell because I had money concerns directly related to "she who must not be named", a  true cunt ,a cheating lying whore ex-wife and current meth addict (interwebs how I love thee). I really miss that gun:

Selling that gun and "she who must not be named" happened over 20 years ago now. It's water under the bridge so to speak. Life evens out that way. As I said before not much planned really, I may work on a bike watch some TV and pack to head up to Atlanta because I have shifts coming up this weekend. This will be the last day for a long while of eating what I want. These last several months stretching into over a year has not been kind to my waistline. I have a trip to the bay area planned for the end of June and I'd like very much to be active there without hyperventilating and vomiting all over the place.

I did have a pleasant surprise kinda out of the blue I had someone offer to take me to dinner for my b-day. It was rather unexpected, I'm excited. Well I got a whole lot of nothing to do, it's right nice outside so understand I'd rather not spend the day in front of the computer. Thanks for reading

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