Monday, January 27, 2014

Snow Daze

Awwww jeez we're suppose to get a smattering of snow in Mid-Georgia starting tomorrow afternoon. They've already canceled classes for the next TWO days! I think I am the only person who is upset because it screws up the schedule in nursing school.

Right now as I type this everyone in the state is going ape shit over a dollop of FORECASTED "wintry mix". There is a run on kerosene, bread and milk because ya know it's like the Donner Party when the weather folks predict snow. On the up side at least we'll get to see a bit more of the striking weather forecaster on the local news.

At least I'm not working.

Since there is a small reprieve from the grind of nursing school I did take the chance to get the red and black Giant road bike's tires pumped up. Hopefully I will feel the motivation to get on it soon. I need to because I weigh a lot and when we checked my pressure last week during check offs for school it was WAY high at 160/102! I had an instructor tell me that I need to be on BP meds ASAP. A discussion ensued after that particular conversation with a class mate about having a competition between us to see if we could get our high BP down by 5%. The bet is for a six pack of the winners choice of beer. What he does not know is that I may considering cheating by taking half a nitro.

Now now before my 3 readers start flapping their arms in alarm, I will state for the record that I know it's dangerous and that's the reason I am CONSIDERING it. Man it's for a sixer of beer what do you expect? A man has to have priorities. Anyways That's it for the time being. I hope everyone is better than me at least. Thanks for reading.

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