Friday, January 10, 2014

Has anyone heard of....

Ricer a power trio outta the A-T-L:

In all likelihood I'm a couple of years late with these guys but see my head has been in the sand a lot lately. I heard them via WREK on the truck's radio today after coming back from getting Mom's groceries.  It's one of the few times I actually listen to the radio now cause I'm constantly listening to recordings of lectures and medically related stuff.

I was impressed enough to at least write down the name of the song then run in the house and call the station and ask who this band was. I've found out very little. Last show I could see that they played was back in 2012.

So if anyone knows these cats or has a recording of "#2's" let me know,  I'd like to hear more. Alrighty, now it's time to put my head back into the sand and get to on dosage calculations.

Thanks for reading.

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