Saturday, January 4, 2014

Done because of school

I shaved my beard again. Not because of any silly new years resolution or some silly woman's demands. BUT because of school. I shaved it because I will be dealing with nurse types who expect some sort of professionalism. I'm used to dealing with veteran ED nurses who tend to not give a fuck and accept the beard.

But it's school and I'm trying like hell not to stand out "like a sore thumb on fire". I have shaved down to a Zappa:

In hopes of keeping the facial hair ready for the Summer of Beard '14. If I am told I have to be clean shaven I will not be happy.

Other quick things. I have worked full time hours for the entire month of December. Which meant I spent a lot of time with Mom for the month. It was not bad and I actually kind of liked it. I did get the wheel trued on the voodoo FINALLY. I'm contemplating going for a ride before the start of the semester.  Because heavens knows I won't have time once school starts.

That's about it for now I'm off to go climbing with some friends at a local indoor climbing type place. Happy new years! thanks for reading.

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