Tuesday, January 28, 2014

30 minutes

I woke up early for a doctor's appointment because school was canceled due to the "FORECASTED ARMAGEDDON OF WINTRY MIX" I was thinking that since this forecast said that the "wintry mix" would not start until this afternoon I would be safe for my medical screening exam at 0930.


While I am taking a shower the phone rings and I get a voice mail. I have now been canceled on TWICE by this doctor's office due to FORECASTED WEATHER. I don't have to worry about flunking out of nursing school because I am not going to be able to go forward because I can't get a medical screening exam for school for clinicals. It's my own damn fault, I thought I could get a little help with this through work. Nope. Then I waited until I got medical insurance then I got "squeezed" in at the last minute. One of the few times in my life something important gets pushed back and I'm pretty much fucked.

Hey fate....I sincerely apologize for being busy with life and school but cut me a damn break and get me into the doctor's office for this expensive, stupid, cursory medical screening exam. Oh and fate while you're at it cut this shit out, I'm just starting nursing school and already I'm tired of being fucked with.

Seriously can everything go right soon? Because I'm very tired of nearly everything being fucked even though I am working my ass off.


Seriously these are the present conditions:

 Yet everyone is acting it's like this:

And I'm like this:

Sigh...double sigh...times like these make me want to pack everything into the truck and move back to Colorado and become a MTB/cycling bum all over again.

Thanks for reading.

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