Saturday, October 19, 2013

Putting things into perspective.

The last entry was a whiny and self centered, I openly admit it. Awhile back I ran across this video some place on the interwebs and was floored by the story:

THIS really puts things into perspective for me. I watch it from time to time never dwelling on it but rather in awe of not only the courage it takes for standing up and taking the beating BUT also being a follow through guy no matter the circumstance.

The video went "viral" from what I understand It gave the project "because I said I would" a ton of credibility as well. Check out the project and give it some thought on how powerful a promise that is kept can be.

I wanted to balance out the whining with something a bit more real and gritty. Ya know...put things into perspective.

Thanks for reading.

Post Script:

 Read the full story here:

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