Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I'm in!

Just a quick thing about school. I got my acceptance to nursing school yesterday. Relived that I finally got it and got in on my first try. I still have to pass my current classes this semester but the pressure of not knowing is off somewhat.

All this not knowing pressure and pressure of academics has taken it's toll. My BP & resting HR have jumped 20 points in six months. I am hypertensive and tachycardiac. My diet sucks, I'm starting to work on that. I do know I need to exercise more my efforts have fallen off drastically since the beginning of the semester.

Nursing school ain't gonna make shit easier either, fact is it's gonna make it all harder. I have set a goal to TRY to get my vitals WNL by this time next month, the primary reason is health another is pride I just don't wanna turn in a physical paper with shitty vitals plus well we will be taking each others vitals in a couple of months. That means I have to do a little bit each day.

Alrighty that's all I got for the moment. Thanks for reading.

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