Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The semester needs to be over.

This is a bitch session about college...

-I have roughly 7 weeks before the semester is MERCIFULLY over.

-I have around 3 weeks until I hear about if I got into nursing school.

-At this point I ALMOST don't care if I get into nursing school or not.

-I have worked intensely hard for mediocre grades in both A&P and microbiology, it's a first for me in college to make D's and F's on tests I prepared for.

-If I get told one more time I am being too hard on myself my eyes will pop out...literally. 

- I have tried old study methods without success. Tried new study methods without success. I'm now considering animal sacrifice just because I have run out of options.

- I look at all the material for 8-10 hours a day.

-I have CONSIDERED just dropping out and being a stinking ER tech for the rest of my life and learn to be content with it.

-I feel incredibly stupid. My grades reflect it...stupid hurts.

-The A&P professor was reviewing the last exam with the class and said "If you missed question 25 you did not study." Of course I missed the question. I replied "Doctor you mean to tell me that I did not study for the last FOUR days!? Then what was I doing?!" She had no reply to that.

-The amount of work we have to do in A&P is crushing 3-4 lab assignments per lab day is just the tip of the ice berg.

-I honestly see little use in putting forth the effort now. I am very discouraged by my showing this semester, I had such high hopes.

-I thought the climbing club would bring some relief. I was VERY wrong about that too. I have tried compromise. I have tried begging and pleading but some how our adviser seems intent on having meetings when none of the members can show up to climb. Then pushing for hard to plan trips in the mean time. I started something and I'm doing it poorly and cannot finish it. It's a quagmire with seemingly no way out.

- I admit it I'm probably a retarded gazelle.

-At this point I think I should have went to paramedic school or stuck with working on bicycles.

That's all I have to bitch about at the moment. I have to go to the local hardware store and buy tarps to cover the truck's tonneau cover that was on the truck and somehow move it into the basement of the house. I also have an A&P extra credit thing to go to. I'd rather go to the nursing question and answer session but I need every point I can get in A&P because "C" and higher are considered passing grades for the nursing program here.

I realize this is a long list of first world problems:

 I need a dose of 60 cc's of HTFU stat.

Thanks for reading.

Post Script...

Ran into A&P professor today. She insisted I talk to her in her office. Long story short...she told me I take the class TOO seriously.

*slaps forehead with palm of hand*


I am clueless...

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