Sunday, October 6, 2013

Coming to Atlanta.

FINALLY, after literally (yes LITERALLY) years of waiting Zoe Keating comes to Atlanta for a performance. I've been a bit of a fan for a little while now. I find her music very soothing and very ideal to listen to especially in the woods running:

I knew she was coming to the A-T-L in December but I was not certain when. Naturally I was concerned that she was going to show up in the early part of the month during finals and I would miss this great chance to see her in action. Thanks to Mug for telling me that a date had been set. I bought my ticketand plan on going pretty much no matter what. If you're interested in what Zoe Keating is about check out her site here:

It's Sunday morning and a bit tough to get going. I have tried to steer clear of coffee lately because it was starting to really upset my stomach even holding myself to one cup a day. I've been off of it for about a month now. I have switched to brewing up tea in the morning but I have found amazingly enough for me that tea now-a-days is not caffeinated. I know celestial seasonings has "Morning Thunder" but the only time I can get to it is when I am up in Atlanta at one whore foods up on Ponce. I know it's the age of the internets and I can just order it on line but geez. Yup one spoiled american right here. As an ex-girlfriend and I use to say "That's a first world problem"

Since I am talking about first world probs I just thought of Mayday. She has made it to her destination to a land locked Muslim state in Southeast Asia. Mayday and I have been friends for a long time and keep in touch via text and the occasional call, text mostly. She's been up in DC for awhile since before I came back to Georgia. Mayday is not a woman I am pining over but really a true friend we're like only a year apart in age. Naturally I am worried about her, it's one thing to think on friends who are living in this country and folks who travel overseas to relatively peaceful countries it's another to know that someone is going to a war zone and although somewhat safe still in a WAR ZONE where car bombs tear down entire blocks and IED's still maim and kill our service personnel.

It's just strange not hearing something from her every few days, I've grown used to it.

I owe a lot to Mayday. She got me a job, gave me furniture and bought drinks. In many ways she has been a confidant when it comes to women and what to do about them. She and I are a lot alike in that respect...there has not been a relationship yet that either of us has not fucked up. Don't worry it's all positive things I think about Mayday. She'll be back next year hopefully before the fighting season there really gets going. I'll make it a point to get to where ever she is so we can have some drinks and she can decompress with an old friend.

Until then I need to remember in my petty complaints about academia that at least this is a first world problem, although inconvenient it is not a life ending or altering experience. Think on that next time you're bitching about having to wait an extra minute at a stop light or when there is only one LONG line open at the grocery store. Take care Mayday, I'm pulling for ya.

Thanks for reading.

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