Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I missed posting in April so I apologize about that. I was busy getting staying caught up on school and working every weekend. With the mazdarauder's new engine paid for by a now maxed out credit card I've had to work more to make up the difference. I have ridden some more about once a week now always mindful of my elbow and right arm condition easy to not over do it because it does have to last me for another 30 years or so.

I did get the karate monkey converted to a single speed and it's sweet. I had to adjust the singlerator cause the chain kept leaping off the gears. Now I know I know I should have a tugnut on there but well I had a singleator in my tool box and a tugnut costs 30 bucks. The KM is geared at 32x22 because I have not quite gotten use to the single speed again.

The semester is finished and with that comes the blessing and burden of downtime. Blessing because I don't have to deal with class and the hassle of less than enthusiastic younger class mates. The burden comes from not really having a structure to my life now. I have learned over the years that to a degree I do need structure or I fall into a hole of sorts. Don't get me wrong, I love the free time I just know I'll get into some sort of mischief whether that be with getting mixed up with a woman, having a few too many beers or as I am currently doing stuffing my face until I get a food hangover.

I've resolved to be better about free time this summer. I have an EMS type class to go to at the end of the week up in the North Georgia mountains. While I am there I plan on doing some mountain biking and camping. I'm trying to coordinate with my old friend mayday to meet up in Kingsport ,Tn for a reunion of sorts. It's tough to coordinate with her we'll see.

I did sign up for an online class for a month starting 5/18 that should keep me hopping thru the week. After that I hope to take advantage of the new college library to study up on chemistry and other biology related subjects over the summer. I plan to read some of my PHTLS book, read some of the A&P book again and see if I can rustle up a current microbiology book for cheap. A couple hours a day in the library 4 days a week should keep me occupied and focused. Ride, run or gym early and library during the heat of the day.

We'll see how that all works out.

I'm still working on culling belongings. I was able to sell off a large amount of cassette tapes that a buddy gave me. I thought for sure I'd have a helluva time selling them turns out not so much. There are a few left which I'll relist. I'm having a harder time selling bigger items like a Chrome bag I don't use anymore and my Giant Road bike on commission which I don't ride either. Frankly I'm not real anxious to ride a road bike around here a few people have been hit and seriously injured or killed by careless motorist. I have a feeling I'll have to take the road bike to an ebay seller on the northside of Atlanta and have them list it for me. I'm not sure what I'll do with it just yet if it does not sell at the LBS. Shipping bikes is a pain in the balls. I'll continue to sort through stuff in the shed behind mom's place. I just need to say fuck it and get rid of it all instead of wanting to hold onto it for "projects".

That's it for now. I'll try to be better about writing here. Time does pass us by. Thanks for reading.

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