Friday, March 25, 2016

15 minutes

I'm really just killing time before I have to walk out the door to get to class. I got 15 minutes or so ish. Did a ride yesterday and felt good.the elbow has minimal aches so that's a bonus. Since I sold off the Kona S/S I decided to convert the Karate Monkey down to it's real intended pourpose which is single speed or maybe eventually when it gets cheaper a 1x10. Having bike tools spread all over two counties is not conducive to getting said conversion done. I'll be up at the shed today to get necessary tools (do I have my chain whip still?)

Still have yet to sell my Giant TCR2 if you are interested go to Bluemoon Bikes it's a cool little one man shop in Griffin, Ga. it's a great alternative to the large brand bicycle mega store that hs taken over this side of town. Seriously buy my bike I could use some cash since I had to put an new engine in my truck.

Spring is officially here with yellow pollen all over the damn place and allergies that are managable with claritin. I love that claritin this time of year.

Discovered that my cabinet is falling from the wall of my apartment, last week clogged toliet, a few weeks ago neighbor busting out his own window. What's next?

Have go to mom's today to run errands and try to figure out a repair for a dry wall ceiling which is causing me some stress. I have yet to find a reasonable price small dry wall estimate. I've looked. I also have to move somethings around so family can come in and remove bed in spare room. Exhausted from family drama if I move from Georgia anytime soon it will be because of them.

Everything is about how it should be I suppose. I'm going to school consistently getting on the trail at least once a week.

15 minutes are up. Thanks for reading.

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