Sunday, July 26, 2015

Trip returns and a move

The latest trip to WNC/Smokey Mountains area went well. Although for a small while we did have a good downpour. I had no probs with a camp site like last time. In fact I got to sleep VERY close to the WEMT classroom. The class was a total blast and very small. I was actually challenged a little bit during the class which is a big plus for me. I made a quick friend she and I went mountain biking at Tsali on the right hand loop and did the alternate because she was so out of shape. I did not care despite her groaning about how out of shape she was. My perspective is that hey we're outside. Enjoy!

It was a good ride and a good time, I realize why more often than not why I like riding all by myself. nothing against other people it just gets old hearing complaints, ride and have fun!

Came back Saturday evening. I just did not want to deal with doing laundry in a busy tourist town on a weekend and trying to find a good camping spot in the area. I was disappointed with my decision but it was for the best because I needed to get back and make arrangements to move and get some things done.

I'm moving tomorrow (Monday) It will be a long process since I never really packed or unpacked from my rushed move a few weeks ago at least everything is in the same place finally. It's just going to be a fair amount of driving. The upside is that I will be much closer to campus and really won't have to worry about commutes much. I hate that I have to pay more rent, the upside is that I can keep beer in the fridge and home brew beer finally! With this move it gets me a little bit closer to the trails at Dauset, which makes the drive 30 minutes to the trail head instead of 50-55 minutes. The other upshot is that at least I'll have a place of my own finally without family looking over my shoulder constantly and clucking when I do something they don't like. The father away and more remote the better.

Well I have a tent to put up to dry out and other smaller tasks to do so I'm going to bail. Thanks for reading.

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