Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Moves and trips

It's been a tumultuous past few if not several weeks. I won't get too deep into it but I have moved once and will move again here soon. I will be living closer to the college I go to presently because frankly I got tired of dealing with bullshit. So now finally mercifully I will have my own apartment. It's a mixed blessing as some may say. I finally get to live on my own for a little while. I don't know how long that will last because of an ailing parent.

I'll be heading out soon back up to western North Carolina for a wilderness EMT course with SOLO. It's a week long. Because of apartment rental expenses I have decided not to go to "Burning Can"  Because I would end up spending money I do not have. I will stay an extra night just to ride Tsali and then head back Saturday afternoonish, maybe.

I spent most of the day today packing for the trip just getting gear into the truck and reorganizing the mess I made when I temporarily moved into my mom's house during this latest round. I'll be in my new apartment by 8/1 with class starting on 8/12. I have to confess it will be nice to be able to brew beer and drink it openly. Then of course the added pleasure of not having family politics to deal with. Pardon me as I quote Bukowski:

 I got the Karate monkey all ready to go and that will be my bike for the week. Speaking of the Surly brand and goings on. I loaned the Cross check to an old friend along with a lock that could be mistaken as an anchor. I don't know if he will ride it. I sure as hell hope he does, I even put flat pedals on it hoping he would. I'll check back before the semester starts just to make sure.

So anyways I got another road trip planned destination def known and what I'll be doing. I have picked up extra shifts at work and it looks like I will have to more often because of rental expenses. I figure 1 and 3/4 of a shift every week won't be too rough. I hope not at least. I just want to finish up my silly little associates of science and contemplate my bachelors of the same subject as well. My faith in humanity has slipped some, so I just recently watched this video and it was restored to a degree:

Anyways that's al I got for tonight. Tomorrow is yard work day then work for a shift and 3/4 then off to WNC for a bit. Thanks for reading.

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