Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I.G.F.W. #2

Once again because I have to work on Thursday.

I present the hilarious and quite witty Katie Willert (plus for some reason I've always liked the name Katie, well that was until a charge nurse named Katie started hating me for eating tacos instead of clocking into work...that's a long story from years ago. If you dig for it you may find it in here some place..)

I heard about "Cracked!" on a separate podcast (I think) checked them out and then looked up their videos that's where I saw her on "After Hours" a funny look at modern media. Click the link and check it out.

Anyways when ever I do this I'd like to show some video of the IGF so here ya go:

That's it for IGFW #2

Summer is here and I am between residences. I am trying to find a place close to the campus while I am laying low due to familial tensions. Currently I am playing the role of middle aged loser and crashing at my mother's place (face palm) and although this gets me closer to old neighborhood friends and work it's still a bummer. This explains the current uptick in IGFW. Cause seriously women don't date middle aged guys who live with their mother and for good reason, it being plain creepy and weird being despite the reason being primary factors. I don't wanna get bummed so I'll drop that train of thought right there.

I should be riding more but I have not because I have lacked the motivation to get up early to ride. It's in the mid-90's now here in the Atl-metro area and riding is best done in the early morning. I have to admit it though I just like sleeping in. Also I have been studying for my final in my summer class. I want to do well there to press up that GPA after a ok spring semester.

My arm is at about 90% now enough now that I can sleep an lie on it with no pain. I don't baby it as much so I should make the effort to go ride a couple of times a week. I'll remedy that soon. I have plans in a few weeks to head up to WNC again this time to spend a week up at NOC and Tsali then back over to Psigah and Bryson City for the Burning Can. Camping and the event are not cheap so I am currently trying to shuffle funds around to afford gas and bills off my paltry EMT check.

I'll figure something out I'm sure. If not Meh.

Thanks for reading.

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