Saturday, June 13, 2015

Live from a unnamed remote FS road in Pisgah NF.

I gotta say that modern wireless technology amazes me sometimes. I would have never imagined that I would have gotten to blog from a remote area such as this. I will make it a point NOT to name the spot because I would'nt want people to get ideas and want to set up in the same spot.

I did some small loops over in dupont state forest a couple of days ago. A lot of my time was spent route finding because I did not have a map and I had to keep pulling out my cell phone to make sure I was going in the right direction according to the MTB project app from the IMBA. Dupont is a great MTB area. Wildly popular in the fall months with the covered bridges waterfalls and turning leaves. Nice area.

Pisgah well it's awesome too. I have done some hiking over there as well not near the challenge of the AT in GSMNP fun in it's own right because I did not see one single person the whole time I was on this unnamed trail in pisgah.

I've woken up to sore calves and been happy with the aches and pains as of late because I've earned them. Tomorrow is going to be a jaunt down Bennetts pass and a climb back up to the truck. I need to tell myself EARLY START...EARLY START! Because it's the weekend and the trails tend to get crowded here fast.

I've done my laundry and did a little grocery shopping for necessary items (I ran out of coffee) I admit it I like the area. Mountain towns are the best! I do dread going back to Atlanta. I left from there like a jail break because if I did not get away fast my family situations would have hampered if not stopped my trip from happening. I digress I won't even start down that emotional hole.

I've been very happy and content sitting in my little FS roadside spot drinking beer and mulling life over while reading or the occasional podcast when reception is JUST right. If the FS rangers did not mind I'd live right here no problem.

I'll be back up this way in a little over a month which is good enough for me. In the mean time I got 3-4 more days of mountain time which will include the fore mentioned mountain biking, hiking, beer swilling and enjoying the pleasant mountain weather in the Pisgah National Forest. Well the battery is getting low on the old lap top and there is another cold beer waiting for me in the cooler.  Now it is the time to dream of beautiful mountain women and the wonder they behold. Thanks for reading.

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