Monday, August 31, 2015

A month

It's been a little over a month since I last wrote here. the reason for absence is simple. I've been busy. Yes friends and two readers, too busy to write. The move into my new place was uneventful. It's typical apartment living, the race track over head at 0700 and the occasional neighborly bass treatment. Nothing too bad that can't be dulled or drowned out by a fan. At least if it gets too bad I have a landlord who will enforce a noise rule, rather than the "you can ignore it" nature of my last residence. The box fan I learned is a powerful ally in the fight against ass holish noise.

The apt is small which is fine by me it prepares me for a tiny house eventually. I have severely cut down on possessions and will continue to at the next long break which is around the holiday season. I finally get to cook what I want when I want without again having people look over my shoulder and make comments to the effect of "Oh you're on the health kick again" or "That sounds gross" I digress the Chinese water torture of living with family is behind me. The experiment of getting closer to family has been an abysmal failure, let us bury it under the ever growing trash heap and acts of familial apathy that led to the experiment's very demise.

I have started  back school for the fall semester. My second semester of biology, another attempt at college algebra and a theater appreciation course are all on tap. The college algebra is my biggest headache naturally. I'm worried about it but not so much that I let it get me down too much. I'm a little psyched for the theater appreciation class because it is going to give me a chance to polish a story I want to submit to "The Moth" If I get it down and recorded to a point I like and if I figure out the tech I'll post it here. Biology should not be too difficult although I do need to get cracking on studying my note cards.

Speaking of biology let's talk brewing beer. It's been on my mind for well over a year now and since I have my own space I can move forward with it. Yeah...yeah I have to buy the kit still but Dave-O said it should be under 100 bucks which would be easily covered by an extra shift at work. That extra shift money will have to go towards the dreaded credit card because of a recent complete and total break down of the Mazdarauder adventure mobile (aka my truck) It cost for me a small fortune I was able to cover it but it hurt tremendously. In one morning I prob hemorrhaged a decent percentage of my current annual income. It was tough, so it goes in life. I'd much rather have a costly truck break down than an accident that totals the vehicle altogether.  

The truck though won't be used too much currently except for trips to work up in the A-T-L and to check on my mother. I have my surly x-check back in working condition after I loaned it to a friend and having the "chain fall off" of it. I threw the rack on it and have my bags and panniers at the ready to go grocery shopping and to school. I even left the cross tires on it so I can take it and ride over at Dauset if I chose to.

Well the morning drags on and I have a shower to take and some studying to do. I'll try to write more often. Thanks for reading.

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