Sunday, December 28, 2014

Inspiration on a Sunday morning

 This morning I woke up with the thought that if I put a solar panel on the camper shell of the truck that it would make a fair amount of wind noise when I was driving. "A faring" I thought as I sat on the edge of the bed rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. "Nah, well maaayyybee...if I put it on a rail system like for a bike rack, shit that would cost some money though." I trundled to the bathroom and took a leak while looking out the window on an incredibly rainy day.

I ran out of coffee and am brewing up some Irish breakfast tea with a little honey. My throat is a little scratchy because of some sort of funk I caught either at work or from youngest nephew's cousin who has to put his mouth on everything he touches which is strange for a 13 year old kid. I digress.

I'm sitting in front of my laptop and was looking for a little bit of morning inspiration to help me rocket through the day. I think I found it over at semi-rad:

I should be worrying over the upcoming semester and changing majors at age 44 but I am not. I have a bit over a week and a half until school starts. Instead I am thinking of the open road. How to prepare for it and how to pull it off. I'm trying to think of which two bikes to bring, how things should fit in the truck how to make it a better home for an extended period of time. How do I pull off being a dirt bag mountain biker, because frankly I'm tired of being a responsible adult.

My own answers I have discovered do not lie on the "traditional" path. The wife and kids ship sailed long ago. I don't think I'll ever own a house nor have a real 401k or have the camaraderie that I have so fleetingly in my professional life or rise above the current position I'm in. If you think about it in the context of glass half full then it's sad. I don't I think of it as that in my own way I am free to make my own choices with little worry of their ramifications. I've done enough good in my life to reward myself in some small way everyday until I pass on into the great beyond.

I cracked a big smile watching the video and close my eyes thinking of the great American west and all that it holds. Could I ride Buffalo Creek and the Colorado Trail one last time? Will I be able to stand at the edge of the Pacific and realize that to us all the vast ocean makes us all feel so small? Will I ever make it to the Northwest ever again?

I know that plans rarely see the light of day. The plan is that there is no plan and to only prepare. When the time comes it will make itself known and then the adventure can begin.Thanks for reading.

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