Monday, December 8, 2014

Cool weather returns

I got up this morning and checked the weather it is now around 40 degrees. Yes I know in the grand scheme of things not that cold.  I'm going to go ride today no doubt I just know it's going to be a slightly chilly one. Fortunately I have not given away or gotten rid of most of my winter cycling gear. I have found that keeping my knees covered helps out with some aches later on.

I also have my chrome knickers that I bought on super clearance a few years ago oddly enough they still fit. I don't really need to bust out the heavy duty stuff like the endura jacket or my old quite worn ground effects jacket. Both are ultra warm and have stood the test of time. Then the jerseys and arm warmers. There has been some elastic breakdown in my old knee and leg warmers which makes me sad cause I wore them SOOO much back in DenCo.

Speaking of jackets I did have small surprise the other day when I found my old bike beat wind jacket. I found this thing for under 10 bucks at veloswap in DenCo years and years ago. I should post a pic, I just won't cause I don't want to go thru the trouble. I wore and wore this thing until the elastic in the wrists gave out. Then I had a buddy's sister fix it. Well I THOUGHT she was going to fix it. Instead of using good elastic she put rubber bands into the wrist which lost their elasticity in very short order. I should have taken it to a professional seamstress and paid. I chose free and I got what I paid for. At least I got the jacket back. The bike beat wind jacket is just...damn weird. It has to be seen with things like "Pets or meat" anarchy symbols and smiley faces printed on it it just gives off a very punk rock vibe. It's orange and white. I love that wind jacket, damn I need to get it fixed (writing note to self)

Onto another tangent...the holidays.

We're humming along pretty well here.

I have intentions on working on a couple of gifts, I just really need to knuckle down give it a day and get shit done. Yes it would be easier to go out and buy shit. I just am just following the holiday path Reverend Billy has set down. I think the only gift I will buy is an angel for Mom. The one I gave last year was a hit so I'll stick with that theme. Alrighty I gotta wrap up get loaded up and head to the trail. one last holiday thought:

The unforgettable movie "Trading Places" If I remember I'll post movies in which I think are true manly holiday classics. I gotta tell you polar express and little drummer boy ain't even in the running.

Thanks for reading.

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