Monday, December 16, 2013

The Keating

I went and did a rare thing last night. I actually went to a show by myself. It's an odd thing for me to go to a show now-a-days even more rare for me to go by myself. I've always viewed this activity as a more social thing to do with friends, not a solo venture. But it was to go see the wonderful cellist Zoe Keating. She has turned into a personal fave of mine since moving here to Atlanta, her obvious technical savvy and talent in string instrument is obvious. Simply put her music calms me, I listen to it when I run and during stressful times over the semester.

It was a small venue but a classy kind of place. I never know what to expect out of venues anymore in Atlanta. Easy parking easy to get in and hell they even had good beers at the not so busy bar. Amazing. So I went and had an easy listening time. I was kind of taken aback by the easy going nature and willingness of Keating to engage the audience. I did not expect anything less the way she presents herself on her website is very down to earth. I guess outside of orchestras I've never been to a strings show before and did not know what to expect.

I stayed through the entire set and only left when she said she was going to come down and talk with the audience. Which was an awesome idea, but it intimidates me especially when it's an artist I like. I'm the same way with Rollins shows. He's one of my faves but man I will never be able to screw up enough courage to talk to the guy. When I met Fugazi in PHX years ago it was a great experience but I felt I was way in over my head. What do you say to the folks who inspire you? All I can summon up is ""

Anyways I bailed and headed over to EAV (east atlanta village) to see some old work friends who now live in California but came back out for a visit. I admit that I have a certain disdain for EAV, I've had a couple of bad experiences there and it's marred my perception of the place. It boils down to poor service, I want a drink or food, I have money where is the problem? Oddly enough going to EAV late in the evening on a sunday is a perfect time, especially when you're sitting with 4-6 other people. Ahhh that gets the wait staff attention. I tip appropriately for the let's say very hipster service.

All in all it was a good night. I got to see an artist I really like, and got to visit with some old work friends.

Thanks for reading.

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