Saturday, December 7, 2013

Silly season 2013

Well friends and dear readers Christmas, I mean Xmas oops I mean the Silly Season is upon us once again. This is when we see America gone wild during the 6 weeks that marks the typical American holiday season. I'm no longer angry with the holiday season, it has evolved to a deep sigh and an indifference. Mostly for me it means wrapping up school for the year and working more shifts before the next semester starts.

It means that I'll have free free time and well it seems like I do not do too well with free time. With that in mind as I mentioned before I picked up extra shifts at work. I'll also be doing my 6th or 7th EMT refresher, honestly I don't know I have lost count. I'm also going to dust off the Voodoo and do a little bit of easy mountain biking. Nothing too strenuous or fancy at least I HOPE to be able to get on a bike in December.

I also have to prep for the next semester in school. I have a chronic problem with putting too much on my plate when I see I'm going to have a stretch of free time on the calender. It'll all get ironed out over the month I suppose. Well I just wanted to drop a quick entry before I got started on studying for my last final of the semester. Have a safe and awesome holiday season everyone!

Thanks for reading.

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