Monday, July 4, 2016

4th of July

Seems somehow in late June or early July this song pops into my head. You can never go wrong with "X"

I made it through my psych class with hopefully minimal damage. Summer short session courses are not a particular favorite. I had about 2 months until fall classes start up. Down time and lack of money. I'm working a little bit more now to make ends get closer together not meet necessarily.

I have been riding a little more. My thoughts of working on the weekends and holidays is good. I get my local trails pretty much to myself. Early morning, crack of dawn rides are cooler and no one is around like on a Wednesday morning. It's been an absolute pleasure riding the Karate Monkey now even more so since converting to a single speed. I thought I really enjoyed the ol' Kona 26er single speed. Indeed I did but not as much as I love this new set up on the KM. Sure I prob have it geared too easily at 32/22 but I don't care, I'm a soul rider, strava can suck it I'm riding for the fun not to compete.

This week after today the 4th I'll sit down to the study hole again for a couple to few hours a day to try to get up on my chemistry and re-learn A&P then do other smaller EMS related things I want to know again. I'll have time now since apparently despite my most earnest and best efforts my immediate family despises me.

Huh? Wha?

Yup, despite all I have done and the effort I put forth I was told unequivocally where I stood by my own mother. With her harsh words still ringing in my ears I decided that enough was enough and let her and my oldest sister stew in their own codependent juices. With those ties severed I am now free to do as I wish with no worry of how I will fix the latest tragedy or repair my oldest sisters (and her husbands) fuck ups concerning our mother or how my oldest sister said even to me "MY mother" which is fine you can have her.

What immediately came to mind was moving back out to my beloved ColoRADo. Maybe going to live close to friends in NorCal or try a new region of our great American west like perhaps the northwest. I have not decided yet, I'm still sitting hashing out all the pros and cons of any decision. In my older age I have possibly began to learn that I should weigh options a bit more carefully than saying fuck it rolling the dice and hoping it'll all work out. It has for the most part from the fortunate combo of luck and hustle.

Now I ride, study and work. If other things like women fall into place even better, although I seriously doubt it.

Now it's time to get on with my day.  Happy Independence Day folks. Thanks for reading.

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