Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Middle Georgia Icemageddon

For the second time in the last two weeks the state of Georgia from Macon northwards had shut down and everyone is pretty much hunkered down at home waiting for warmer temps. This has once again brought school to a GRINDING halt.

The other week I scratched my head and really wondered why a halt to regular life was called around here. Today I am not saying that. I look out my window and see ice hanging off any tree. I can (and have) open my window and hear branches breaking off in the woods surrounding the house. I am also listening to the local fire department channel and hearing lots of reports of trees and branches in roads. So yeah lots of ice.

Now how can this situation get worse? Listen to the news and they'll make it sound as though the power will go out any second and that yetis are going to be breaking down your door to eat you:

Granted the power going out is a real possibility but let's tone it down some. Besides when I think of yetis I think of  AWESOME bicycles:

ok the local news folks said nothing about yetis but you get the picture. Cycling in the winter and snow makes me think of the recent uptick in fat bikes and winter riding. It's gained a lot of popularity (I'd do it in a heart beat), it was only a matter of time before it came to the National Forest Service handing out tickets to these MTB winter cyclist, check out the story.

Other things on the mind of the folks (just me) here at BOSAHFOW. I recently tried getting back getting into yoga and did SOOOO well the first week. Then the app (pocket yoga) for my phone crashed and just would not work. The pocket yoga folks were way cool worked with me and after multiple program crashes refunded my money. I've committed to doing yoga in the mornings so I went ahead and bought a beginners yoga DVD for me to practice at ten bucks with shipping I ain't complaining. We'll see how it goes.

Cycling and getting on the trainer has been touch and go. It's impossible to do in the mornings because the noise from the trainer is loud (I get up at 0400) and doing it after school is hard because of a lack of motivation (I'm mentally wrecked after school usually). I have to do SOMETHING though, perhaps I'll start doing cardio at the gym on campus after class.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading.

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