Sunday, February 16, 2014

Did not even notice

I found out on Saturday when I went to the local store to pick up note cards that Friday was Valentine's day. I would have noticed honestly but I was too busy trying to sleep after a bout of insomnia. As I have said over the years VD for single folks sucks. You are constantly  reminded for roughly a month and a half after the xmas holidays that you are ALONE. So as a kind of late anti-valentines I decided to post a couple of things.

The first is a link to places you should never ever propose.

Not that you should ever, take it as a cue to have some originality dammit! At least if you're gonna commit the rest of your life to another person do it differently.

The next is a video that cuts both ways:

Actually I've know about this video for awhile but now just figured out where to put it on this here blerg. Those of you who celebrated this hallmark holiday I say good on ya. Now that this is out of the way maybe...just maybe we can move onto spring.

Thanks for reading

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