Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Cramps

As both of my loyal readers know one of my fave all time bands is "The Cramps" I grew up with this band during the 80's and my discovery of punk rock on the mighty album 88 up at Georgia State University.  Since it's a fave I don't listen top them too often because I just don't wanna wear them out but on occasion I get reminded of the bands awesomeness and I get into the groove of them once again.

SSK texted me yesterday and reminded me that she was listening to them and was thinking of me. Which lifted my spirits because I was working with BIL trying to fix not only Big Sis's brakes on her car but change the oil and fix the front brakes on my truck. The day ended with us taking Big Sis's van over to a mechanic to get the rear brakes fixed. Sorry off the subject there.

The Cramps.

I won't strike all nostalgic here and repeat many fun times I had listening to the band and the concerts I went to to see them. I'll let two things speak volumes the first is well a video of one of my favorite incarnations of The Cramps with Candy Del Mar in the line up. This is how I remember Lux at his finest stage mania and Ivy with awesome guitar and of course Candy Del Mar just grrrrr...wow! It's how I exactly remember Cramps shows. It's right at 7 min long, enjoy:

Another bit is a longish interview with a British magazine Cramps Interview . I urge you to take the time and read the interview and watch the video you'll be rewarded.

The question that might get asked is how in the hell does this music influence me today. One way is pure escapism. Listen to any of their songs and you can't help but get taken to another place. Often on many a trip to go riding the Voodoo I listened to The Cramps, the Voodoo MTB is an extension of my admiration for their music. To that degree so is my minor obsession with the whole Zombie's Run training program world. I still feel now after all these years that riding the old steel O.G. Voodoo Erzulie is a special occasion especially in the fall say around Octoberish.

So SSK thanks for mentioning The Cramps to me yesterday. If you ain't familiar with them then by all means make yerself so but know that Lux died awhile back so you missed what were the best years of live music ever to have existed.

Thanks for reading.

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