Thursday, February 25, 2016

On the road soon

We're creeping up on mid-terms here soon and that means spring break is right around the corner. All the sunny locales will get post teen drunkards and all sorts of revelry. The red neck riviera, south padre island and lake havasu I'm talking about you.

For the middle aged college student with few responsibilities outside paying the rent other things are planned. As these things happen I had a work related educational opportunity come to my attention. Yes, I plan on getting out of medicine (maybe) sometime in the future BUT well I still enjoy the continuing education classes associated with it. I look for challenging things related to things I like outside of work. Last summer I took another WEMT class and combined that with mountain biking up at Tsali.

I've combined such trips before and it's always fun. Well except for that year I did the NOLS WEMT and went from Steamboat Springs, Co. to Fruita, Co. Steamboat was a hoot. Fruita had potential it was just cold and damn rainy and the people I met up with there were not my kind of folks. Fruita is awesome it's that every trip I've had there ends up all foul. It's me not you.

I digress

I have been scratching around about a class that's work related that covers active shooter scenarios. Unfortunately such situations are more and more common everywhere. I'm a firm believer in the saying "Luck favors those who are prepared"

I found the class but it's in Augusta, Ga. which OK I can deal with Augusta for a day or two then I remembered two things:

1) There are some great trails out there at FATS

2) Augusta has a bit of a history with The Godfather of soul...Mr. Please please please himself. That's right folks James Brown.

I dig James Brown. Not a slathering nut case fan, I just dig his style. Plus he's random. I mean they named a bridge after him in Steamboat Springs Colorado and the dude showed up to open it.

So my little shit show will be going on the much beloved road in a week to get edumacated in combat care of the wounded during active shooter scenarios, go mountain biking at the well known FATS trails, swill beer and of course pay homage to the Godfather of Soul.

That's all I got for the moment. Thanks for reading.

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