Saturday, March 21, 2015

Off the bike for a while

This is going to be short so I'll just make bullet points:

-Shooting pains down right arm with numbness in right thumb with loss of strength on same side.

-Woke up one morning with this issue and it has yet to go away.

-Never had neck or back problems ever.

-Not bicycle related this "injury". It came out of the blue.

-Been off the bikes for over a week and a half now with only minimal improvement.

-Can only sleep on left side with a pillow propped under my head.

-Considered a doc but I could do without the expensive MRI and CT scans and I definitely don't want narcotics.

-Probably won't write for a bit because of this mysterious injury.

-Summer trips and even riding at this point are a big question mark.

Thanks for reading and hang around I'll post random pics from my spring break trip.

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